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Hurricanes in 2004

Once again we bring you another supurb article, with photos, describing the events surrounding the twin hurricanes that hit Tiara Towers just weeks apart in 2004.  Continue reading

Website’s Newest Editor

Tiara is very fortunate to have another resident providing content for our website. Continue reading

Ice Cream Social and Sock Hop


Ice cream sundaes and 50s music made for a fun evening, Continue reading

Windy Day in April

It was a windy day, April 23rd, around 1:12 pm, at Meadowood Golf and Country Club. Four men bravely stood on the tee at the fourth hole, staring over the water, at the tiny green, and the challenges facing them. A thirty knot breeze staring them in the face.  Continue reading

April Brunch

Brunch on 4/14/2012

With pink and green tablecloths and flowers on the tables, the North Party room was a festive site for the April Brunch.   This affair, held at 11 o'clock on a Saturday morning, drew the largest crowd seen yet this year for a potluck party.   Continue reading

Directory Updated – 4/22/12

We have completed a major effort to update the online Tiara Directory and has also revised the display format.  This has been a lot of work.  Continue reading

Tiara is expecting . . .

April 22, 2012

.  .  .  Turtles, that is.

Tiara South awoke to a fine set of turtle tracks in sand just a few feet south of pathway leading directly from our dune walkway.  The tracks appear to be 2 to 3 feet wide and the western most loop of the track appears to be scratched  up as if Mama made her nest there - maybe 6 to 8 feet NE of the shoremost clump of dune grass. Continue reading

Sports Weekend Champions

The Tiara Towers Sports Weekend, held March 24 - 26, drew both players and spectators and a great time was had by all, Continue reading

Website updates

April 14, 2012


New Pages

Manta Ray?

1 PM, April 2, 2012


70 minutes after we had sighted what appeared to us to be three sharks swimming north about 100' off the Tiara beach, Continue reading