Monthly Archives: September 2012

October Meet with Manager Scheduled

The informal, monthly meeting with Tiara's association President and our Elliott Merrill manager is scheduled for October 3rd, at 9 - 10 am in the North Tower Clubroom.

You are invited to join Ron Hutchins and Rick Kimes and other interested owners to discuss any items of interest about Tiara Towers.  Bring your praise for plans and accomplishments as well as any concerns you may have.    It's always a lively and interesting meeting.

Highway A1A Roadwork

Shorewinds Dr to the St. Lucie/Indian River County Line

The project to resurface Highway A1A from the Cumberland market north to the St Lucie County border kicks off September 17th.

Key dates asof 9/10/2012
Project duration - 245 days
Start Monday, Sept. 17, earliest end May 2013, with delays, Summer 2013
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Tiara 100% Shuttered

Many thanks to Tiara's Insurance Committee for their efforts to lower Tiara's insurance premiums.   One of the requirements to get a more favorable insurance rate was to get Tiara Towers fully shuttered.    Continue reading

Whale Rescue

Whales at Avalon Beach

Pictures by Hutch!

22 Pilot Whales were noticed beaching themselves, on North Hutchinson Island, near Avalon park, around 9am, Saturday, September 1st.   Rescue attempts were made by the Harbor Branch, Red Cross, Sheriff, and many volunteers. 17 died, and five were taken to Harbor Branch for rehabilitation.

As I gather from many articles about the incident, pilot whales travel in pods and maintain a tight social bond, often beaching themselves as a group when one of them is sick.  If pushed back into the water a pilot whale will most likely beach itself again.   Continue reading