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A1A Highway Project Update

The sidewalks are now in front of the Tiara Towers property. The good news is that most of the shrubs in front of the North Tower outside of the wall have been saved though in some places substantially trimmed back. Some of the shrubs in front of the South Tower and all of the plantings on both sides of the driveway entrance will remain in place. The Landscape committee has plans to add more plantings after all of the work on the highway has been completed. We'll be back to "gorgeous!" before too long.

The next phase of the highway project that will impact Tiara residents and guests is the resurfacing of the roadway itself. That work is scheduled to begin Monday, Nov. 26th, and be completed by February, 2013. On weekdays, we can expect lane closures between 6:30 am and 6:00 pm with one lane always open.

Work will be suspended between Monday, Dec. 24th, and Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013.

The full report from the Highway Project team is available on the Tiara website under Support / Highway Project.

Annual Meeting

Make a note on your calendar! Tiara’s annual meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 10th. The Annual Meeting is held for the purpose of discussing Association matters and voting on statutory reserves.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all Association Members must be present, in person or by proxy at the meeting, in order for the business to be conducted. Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that either you attend the meeting or mail in your proxy. The proxy form was mailed to you from Elliott Merrill. If you do not have a proxy and need one, please contact Lauri Stevens or Rick Kimes at Elliott Merrill's offices (772-466-2630).

There are three (3) vacancies on the Board and two (2) nominees. Therefore there will not be an Election of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Ed Galvin and Ron Hutchins will be confirmed and will take office at the close of the Annual Meeting. The following members will remain on the Board to serve the last year of their two (2) year term: Doug Chartrand, Bill Dicker, Jim Mikesh, and Ken Tangora.

Later the same day Tiara's Board of Directors will meet to fill a vacancy on the Board and to establish officers for 2013,
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 1pm, on Monday, December 10th. All Association Members are invited to attend the Board of Directors meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board of Director’s meeting will be held to finalize the budget for calendar year 2013.
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 3rd.

All Association Members are invited to attend.

Reminder – Return your Directory Info Form

November 1, 2012

If you have not done so already, please take the time to sign and return your Directory Information form to our management firm: Elliott-Merrill Co.

Last year you may have signed and returned a similar form, but not all owners sent it in.  If we can get near 100% returned forms this year, with signature, regardless of what information you want to provide or whether you want to “opt in” or “opt out” of the printed Directory, then in future years you will have to return the form only if you have changes. Continue reading

Halloween 2012

November 1, 2012


Tiara has its share of goblins.  They were out in force yesterday.  Cyndi and John Coflin and family, 1103 N, released this goblin invasion:

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Sidewalk Construction

November 1, 2012


As part of Florida Department of Transportation's Highway A1A resurfacing project, the state has removed essentially all Tiara's trees and bushes along the right of way in front of the South  building's masonary wall, and much along the front of the North building's wall.  They are currently constucting the concrete sidewalk they want run from the Sands tower to the Navy SEAL Museum.  Dare I say: Your tax dollars at work.  Below are pictures of the actual concrete pouring along the South wall:

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Hurricane Sandy – Day 4

Day 4- Sunday, October 28, 2012


One interesting observation to note is that the ocean surface temperature at the Fort Pierce Inlet Bouy had dropped more than 3 degrees F over the last 5 days.  That is a dramatic temperature shift over a short period of time.   Temperature goes down with water depth, so Sandy's winds may have brought colder deep water to the surface.

Day 4 is the first day of noticeably lower winds, compared to the previous three days.  Winds were down to a more normal breeze - directly out of the west.  Temperature was a bit cooler, but the blue skies continue to be a welcome sight - along with subdued seas:

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Hurricane Sandy – Day 3

Day 3 - Saturday, October 27, 2012


Day 3 dawned with refreshingly welcome blue skies, but still strong winds out of the northwest - which gradually swung to the west northwest later in the day.

Day 3 also brought our first casualties.  Now with strong westerly winds, when I opened our front door, and before I could get the door closed, two pictures blew off our hallway wall.  That was a first.

When we drove out of the Tiara gate, we noticed this in front of Tiara North - courtesy of the road construction crew constructing the new sidewalk in front of Tiara.

.  .  .  oops-a-daisy!

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