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Summer 2013

Mid-July 2013 is upon us.     It's been very rainy and stormy for much of July, with rainfall here at Tiara Towers  above normal at over 14  inches of rain reported for Ft Pierce between May and July alone.     Despite the rain life is great here on the beach, for the few year-round residents and many renters, families, and friends who are here.

Passing By

Lots of visitors to our area this summer.  Some you may have missed.....

Wildlife - Check out the new Wildlife pictures on the website at Photos/Scenes

  • Lost count of the number of turtle nests sited on the beach in front of our two towers....last count was about a dozen!
  • Manatees and turtles have been sighted swimming close in to the shore.
  • Sharks have visited once or twice, that we've been able to capture in pictures!


Visitors above the beach
Blimp 1

parasailer 3     Funky Blimp!


Parasailor powered by air-boat fan.



And more on the website at Photo/Scenes / Beach / Fun at the Beach


Coming through the Inlet

Freighter 2






Yep, more on the website under Photo / Scenes/ Sea



In the waters

wakeboarders 2
Tubing Wakeboarding and Tubing on the ocean!

And more.....on the website.  All under Photo Stories / Scenes / Beach / Fun at the Beach





Upgrade at the South Pool

At the South building a tree in the pool area was dead or dying, and in danger of falling into the pool where it might injure someone.   Over the past month the tree was cut down, then dug out, and finally replaced with a new one.

Old tree
Getting ready to remove the old one.
Digging out old tree 2 Digging out the old tree trunk

New Tree 2 New one on the ground ready to be planted.



Tree in place
In place


Fortunately it hasn't been necessary to make similar changes at the North pool.






Website Changes to check out!

A new Menu heading "Out and About" is where you'll find Weather, Area Attractions, and a really cool new feature entitled "Track Ships".

The News and Calendar of Events have been moved to the Menu heading "Happenings".  And finally, the latest Managers' Reports are uploaded to the  "Tiara Community" (new name) / Finances page.

Your Input

Remember, if you have news or pictures that you'd like to share via the website please contact the Webmasters, Pete and Jeri Bullock (1505S)  by phone or email.   Our website is only as good as its contributors!