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Tiara Directory for 2014

It's Time to Update your info!

We're going to begin working on the Tiara Directory for 2014, and the target is to get it out before Christmas.

  • No Changes - If your information, address, phone numbers, email address, unit number, was correct in the 2013 Directory then you don't have to make any updates.
  • Needs Changing - If your information has changed, or was incorrect, then you'll have to let us know what's changed and what to correct.
  • New to Tiara - If you are new to Tiara or were not included in the 2013 Directory then you'll have to send us your information.

Elliott Merrill will be sending out letters in early November to all owners and included in that packet will be a Change/Add form for the 2014 Directory.      Again, if nothing has changed then this year you do NOT have to return that form.   However if something has changed you must return that form to Elliott Merrill.

Note:  We don't include address information in the Directory but you should keep your mailing address up-to-date with EM.

Another way to update your information is to Log in to our website,, and edit your profile online.

Watch for the information from EM during November or go online today!




North Beach Association Report – October 14, 2013

The first Director's meeting of the North Beach Association (NBA) was held Monday, October 14th.

The topics presented by Craig Mundt, President of the NBA were:

Membership Drive for 2014

Membership fees are $20 per unit.  If you want to join the North Beach Association give Jeri Bullock a call to get signup forms, or visit their website at

Health of the Indian River Lagoon

The freshwater flow in the river south near the St Lucie Inlet (south of Jensen Beach and to the east of the city of Stuart) is moving north at 1 mile/week, which is reduced from its rate of flow earlier this summer.  The freshwater moving north affects the salinity of the river which is turn has a deleterious effect on the oyster beds and the sea grasses.    Booms, similar to those placed to contain oil spills, have been placed partially across the river at several of the bridges just above the Inlet to try and contain the pollutants in the "fresh" water flowing north mostly as a result of the outflow from the Lake Okeechobee.   ORCA is putting up kilroys to monitor any elevation in phosphorus, changed turbidity, and flow rate of the waters.

Orchid Beach Resort

Proposed Resort to be built on the site of the former Radisson hotel at the intersection of Highway A1A and Southwinds Drive.   Requires rezoning of the County's zoning and land use regulations and an update to the Comprehensive Plan to allow hotel and condo units to be built on the same property.    Please see our article on Orchid Beach Resort for full details.

Planning for Port of Fort Pierce

The County and the City of Fort Pierce are updating the Port Plan, the first time in 10 years.   The idea is to figure out ways that our Port can take advantage of the changes in shipping certain to come with the widening of the Panama Canal.   A consulting firm, ACOM, is putting together a new port plan that the City hopes will bring jobs to the area.  Some ideas being tossed around are: fueling of Navy and commercial ships, adding a marine training center, building walkways and housing along the riverfront, and refurbishment of Navy ships or private yachts.  According to Craig Mundt, president of the NBA, the County is not inclined to develop the Port itself but prefers that private development occurs.

Waste Treatment Plant

An expansion of 500,000,000 gal/yr is planned for the waste treatment plant on North Hutchinson Island.  This would be sufficient for any further development on the Island and so would be the last expansion needed.

Avalon Beach State Park

The park begins at the north side of Ocean Harbor North and includes most of the vacant land from there to the Indian River County line.   The park wants to add 27 additional parking places, and plans to restore the area north of Avalon Beach which was destroyed in the hurricane.  On the west side of Highway A1A the park service is considering adding a campground facility with capacity for 30 persons overnight, which would be available for group reservations only.  A ranger's home would be added on the site.    This 10-20 year plan would offer canoe launching, and hiking trails.

Jack Island Bridge

Starting in the Spring of 2014 the Jack Island Bridge will be reconstructed.  This bridge is the continuation of Jack Island Access Road, just north of the Mellon Patch Bed and Breakfast, and the bridge connects to the State Recreation Area which is Jack Island.

SEAL Museum Muster

November 8 and 9 is the dates for this year's Muster, and the admission-free festivities will begin at 11 AM.   On November 10 there will be a Memorial Service.  The annual charity Golf tournament, to be held this year in Palm Beach, is already sold out.    One other attraction mentioned was that the SEAL Museum will be adding a Blackhawk helicopter to its equipment displays next Spring.


This is the effort by the Corps of Engineers to pump sand that exists offshore in federal waters and deliver it to the beaches of Miami.  The sand on Miami's beaches has been washed away towards the Keys.    The SAND Plan is going forward.

The next Member Meeting of the North Beach Association will be November 11, 2013, at the Fort Pierce City Hall.



Halloween Party

Start the 2013 - 2014 Season off right! Gather with your friends, neighbors, new and long-term residents, owners and renters in the South Party Room for drinks, fellowship, and something tasty to nibble on.

Halloween Party flyer

Orchid Beach Resort

The Heaton Company, developer of the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, is in

Existing Land Use

Existing Land Use

negotiations to build the Orchid Beach Resort on the property at the corner of Highway A1A and Shorewinds Drive...for those of you who have been here for more than 9 years that's the site of the Radisson Hotel that was damaged by the hurricanes of 2004/2005 and subsequently demolished.

Heaton Company, the developer, made a presentation to the St Lucie County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, which you can view here.

At this workshop, open to the public, the developer made a request for zoning and land use changes, and changes to the County's Comprehensive Plan, all of which are needed in order for the resort to be built.     The deal for the land will not be finalized until, and unless, Heaton gets the ok from the County and assurances that the changes needed will be made.

However as the resort would be a close neighbor to Tiara, and we know that many of you have followed the information presented in the local papers, we thought you would be interested in the details as they are known so far.

The plans call for 3 towers, as indicated by the arrows.  The one at the left of the drawing is the hotel, and the two other buildings would house the 200 2-bedroom suites.     Conceptual Drawing


There would be 2 restaurants, one an indoor-outdoor casual one, and the other more formal and indoor; 2 pools; a fitness center; full-service spa; convenience store and gift shop.

View their full-color brochure.  It includes data on projected capacity for the hotel, costs, revenue for the County, and jobs.

Even if the County agrees to make the required changes to zoning, land use, and comprehensive plan, all of that could take up to a year before any ground-breaking, and maybe longer.    There will be many more discussions with the County, and with the public according to the Heaton Company's representatives.    Plenty of time to decide if you like the idea or not.