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Over the Summer….

With October most of our snowbirds have returned to Tiara.     Life is getting busy again, golf and canasta have started up, and our first Happy Hour is scheduled for Friday Oct.31st.

Over the summer the staff at Tiara was busy and we've compiled a list of the maintenance items we've noticed that were completed this summer.   Continue reading

Annual Meeting – Dec 10, 2014

The Annual Meeting for Tiara Owners is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 10th at 10:00 AM in the South Tower Clubroom.   Election of Board members will take place at that meeting.

All Owners recently received the First Notice of this meeting in the mail along with information about the Election of Directors for the Tiara Towers Condominium Association.    If you would like to be a candidate for the Board please send in your Notice of Intent along with information about your background, education and qualifications to be a candidate.      Your candidate information should be mailed to Ron Hutchins, President, at:

Elliott Merrill Community Management
835 20th Place
Vero Beach, Fl 32960

In the information sent to you about the meeting you were also sent your Owner Directory information as it is on file for the annual directory.     If your information remains the same as it appears in the 2014 Directory you do not need to return the directory information sheet.   But if it's changed, or you would like it to appear differently than in last year's directory, or if you are not included in the directory, or if you are a new Owner, please make whatever updates are needed, SIGN the form and return it to Elliott Merrill at the above address.

Directory information should be returned to EM by November 5th, in order to be included in the 2015 Homeowner's Directory.


Easier Access

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North Beach Association Oct 13, 2014

Highlights of the last Directors' Meeting of the North Beach Association

  • New owners of the old Radisson site hoping for a new zoning code
  • New obstacle course at Seal Museum
  • New bridge proposed for South Causeway
  • Environmental Impact Study published for All Aboard Florida
  • Next Member Meeting is Nov. 10th at old Ft Pierce City Hall

New Zoning Code - St Lucie County is considering the creation of a new zoning code, "hotel resort", which could be used by the new owners of the Radisson property (corner of Shorewinds and A1A) as they move forward with their design for the property.     The "hotel resort" code would allow the development of property that would have the characteristics of a 4 star resort hotel and allow investment by private individuals in one or more of the larger units to be built.    Right now this new zoning code is still under consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission and once agreed upon by this Commission will go to the Board of County Commissioners for their approval.  Only after the zoning code is approved will any property owner be able to submit an application to use the new zoning code.    In other words, while the new owners of the Radisson site are still hoping to develop their property, it will be years before there can be a new hotel and restaurant on the property.

SEAL Museum - A children's obstacle course is being completed on the grounds of the Navy SEAL Museum.  This free obstacle course will be a 1/4 scale replication of the actual obstacle course at the SEAL training facility in Coronado, California.     It's nearly ready to be opened and looks to this observer to be pretty big....teens might enjoy it, and even some very fit older folks.    Can't wait to have the grandkids check it out at Thanksgiving!

South Causeway Bridge - The Coast Guard evaluated the vehicle traffic using the South Causeway bascule bridge (drawbridge) and determined that a "service" problem exists at that bridge (FDOT Bridge # 940045).   There are 7000 cars crossing the bridge annually.   As a result of this study FDOT  has authorized $1.5 K for refurbishment in 2015 with the objective of lasting another 4 years.   In 2018 FDOT has plans to start the construction of a new 65' highrise fixed bridge with completion in 2019.   This would be YEARS ahead of the old schedule!   As currently described it would be a two lane bridge at a cost of $58.9 M.   You may have noticed the recent surveyors on the roadway and the pink and orange tape along the route, which means the design for the bridge has already begun.

All Aboard Florida - The draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the All Aboard Florida high speed rail project was published in late September.  The Federal Rail Administration (FRA) has allowed a 75 day comment period for the review of this 500+ document and its umpteen appendices, of upwards of another 1000 pages, by the All Aboard Florida team and any and all citizens.    Dec 3rd is the end of the 75 day comment period and comments must be in writing and can be sent as email to Mr. John Winkle at

Mailing address is:

Mr. John Winkle
Federal Railroad Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue
SE Room W38-311
Washington, D.C. 20590

Completion of a final EIS, following the draft version, is a major step toward All Aboard Florida getting approvals and funding to complete Phase II of the railway from Orlando to West Palm Beach.    Phase I, from West Palm Beach to Miami, is already approved and underway.    All Aboard Florida has asked for a $1.5 Billion RRIF loan from the FRA (your tax dollars) to complete a new rail section from Orlando to the FECI corridor at Cocoa and a 2nd rail line all along the existing FECI corridor from Cocoa to West Palm Beach.   Trains will run through the Treasure Coast at speeds up to 110 mph 32 times each day.   Costs for enhancements to the 353 grade crossings along the way for safety and quiet zones could be the responsibility of local governments.  

All Aboard Florida is currently running commercials claiming that it will reduce congestion on Florida's highways and provide a safe transportation alternative for the travel between Orlando and Miami.     Florida NOT All Aboard researchers have shown that the amount of congestion that AAF claims to reduce is actually equivalent to removing 1 car from your interstate highway congestion every 4 miles.  Furthermore the congestion gets transferred to local community grade crossings and impacts 10-20 times more vehicles than AAF claims to remove from the interstate highway congestion.   With regard to safety, the highway fatalities that would be saved by lowering the highway vehicular traffic is slightly more than 1 life per year.  Although it may be true that there will be zero passenger fatalities, based upon the past 15 years of FECI railway statistics researchers have estimated that AAF trains will kill an additional 29 residents of local communities in train accidents along the train's route.


New Owners at Tiara

If you haven't already met them, please welcome our new neighbors and owners at Tiara during 2014.   Continue reading