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North Beach Association Mtg – Nov. 10, 2014

The Monday evening meeting was a Members Meeting, and all those who joined the North Beach Association were invited to attend.     Most of the meeting was devoted to a brief update by Mr. Lee Dobbins, the attorney for Mr. Ruffin who is the party that purchased the old Radisson site across from the Cumberland Farms gas station and mini-mart.   With him was Mr. Dennis Murphy, a member of the Culpepper and Turpening engineering firm that will be responsible for engineering at the property once all the approvals are awarded.   Mr. Bob Lowe, the real estate agent for Mr. Ruffin, was also present in the audience.

Have you seen the large, bright yellow sign that has been erected on the southwest corner of the property?   The sign is big but the type is pretty small, so you'd have to walk up to the sign to really read it.  And then you have to try to understand the legalese of the language.   The signage is required by law and it announces the first meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission  to consider the new "Commercial Resort" category for St Lucie County zoning.   Once the 2nd meeting is scheduled that date and time will be added to that sign.

This is the probable timeline.

November 20th at 6 PM:   IMPORTANT MEETING of the Planning and Zoning Commission for St Lucie County.   There will be a presentation by County staff to the P & Z Commission about the new zoning category and the public can speak out in favor of or against the adoption of this new category.

There are actually 4 items on the agenda for Thursday's meeting.

  • The new zone Commercial Resort zoning category
  • Changes to the Comprehensive Plan of the County and Land Development codes
  • A change to the Land Use code for the Ruffin/Radisson property from Residential (its current coding) to Commercial Resort
  • A change to the Zoning code for the Ruffin/Radisson property from Residential to Commercial Resort

If you don't intend to offer public comment at the meeting, the County offers archives of many of its public meetings on the Meetings page at its website, where you can view a video of the meeting a day or so after the meeting takes place. Select Planning and Zoning Commission in the Group dropdown menu box and then scroll down the meeting list to the meeting date of interest. There you will be able to download a full Agenda Packet as well as view the Video of the specific meeting. Agenda Packets are generally posted a few days before meetings and Videos are generally posted a day or two following meetings.

January, 2015:   If approved, beginning in January 2015 the 4 items will be presented to the Board of Commissioners  (BOCC) of St Lucie County for its consideration and approval.    There will be 2 meetings, with the public invited and able to speak out, for or against, adoption of these items.

Likewise, you can view and download Agenda Packets a few days in advance of BOCC meetings, and you can view the Videos a few days following BOCC meetings, at the same County Meeting webpage referenced above. Select Board of County Commissioners in the Group dropdown menu box.

March / April, 2015:  The BOCC should complete its review and act on the new zoning category in general and specifically for the Ruffin/Radisson property.

Spring / Summer 2015: If approved, the Engineering and Design team for the Ruffin property will begin the design and concept drawings for the development of the property.

2017:   Construction might begin.

2018:    Expect at least 1 year for the build-out of the planned hotel resort.

2019:    Anticipated EARLIEST opening of the planned hotel resort.

That yellow sign may be the ONLY public notice of these meetings.    There will be NO notices of these meetings mailed to everyone on the island.   There WILL be documents available on the St Lucie County website  and these will be the official documents used by the Planning and Zoning Commission and then later by the Board of County Commissioners to evaluate and approve (or disapprove) the proposed changes to the county-wide zoning and land-use codes and then the specific changes that will be requested by the Ruffin attorneys for their property.   NOTE:  Documents on the county website are usually only available a few days prior to the meeting.

Between now and Spring 2015 the public may offer ideas and suggestions about the Ruffin property and what should, or should not, be included in its design.    THIS IS IMPORTANT because once the design is underway the public, you and I, will not be encouraged to put forth more ideas.

Members of the North Beach Association asked questions of Mr. Dobbins and Mr. Murphy regarding the planned development of the property.

What occupant density is changed by the new Commercial Resort zoning category?

Ans:  Commercial Resort will allow a couple of extra units per acre over the existing Commercial zoning that would be used when building an "ordinary" hotel.
Note: Hutchinson Island condos are allowed 9 units per acre.

How many rooms are planned for the hotel?

Ans: 400 rooms

Is there any change to the height restriction with the new Commercial Resort category?

Ans: The Ruffin property will be held to the existing height limitation of 125 ft, which is a county-wide restriction.

Almost all of the attendees who spoke up at this meeting touted the quietness and the slow pace of living here on Hutchinson Island, and expressed displeasure that the hotel/resort would create no "off season" for the island and that there would be a consistent increase in traffic and visitors if the hotel/resort is to succeed. Most of those who spoke appeared to be owners from Aquanique.

If YOU want to learn more about the plans for the County-wide changes or about the Ruffin property itself you are ENCOURAGED to attend the P&Z Commission and BOCC meetings as they are scheduled.     You may SPEAK OUT in support of the project or against it.    Typically those that are against a project do attend and speak; those who don't care or are in favor of a project are usually silent, assuming all will be well.    This would be a mistake.   If you are IN FAVOR of the development of the Ruffin / Radisson property you really should attend and make your SUPPORT known to the Commissioners.

Proposed Budget for 2015

Due to excellent management, and hard working employees, and a magnificent Board of Directors, Condo quarterly fees will decline slightly in 2015, if adopted by the unit owners.

The proposed budget can be viewed by clicking here.

The proposed budget will be mailed to all unit owners on Monday, November 17th.   Watch for it!


Maintenance and Landscaping

Due to the hard work of the Landscaping Committee, and the diligent efforts of Doug Chartrand and Ron Hutchins, the nursery is planning on replanting trees in place of the damaged palm trees Friday morning, Nov. 14th.   These are on the East side of the South Building between the grassy area and the beach.

The Board and the maintenance staff have worked hard over the summer to make sure Tiara Towers stays in tip-top shape for everyone.      All of these projects were completed over the summer.

Projects and Maintenance items May 2014 - October 2014

  • Entry Doors painted both towers
  • East Coast cut sea grapes
  • Garages painted by American Environmental
  • Stairwell spalding south building repaired
  • Gutters reinstalled south building
  • Curbs painted north and south entries
  • AC condensate line flooded pump room - repaired
  • North entry cracks in stucco repaired
  • Valves replaced north dune walk
  • Dune walk stringers repaired and replaced both north and south
  • Pool railing secured
  • Crack in planters repaired
  • Replaced three trash chutes
  • Entry sign painted
  • Concrete curbs outside of trash rooms repaired
  • Fire sprinkler pipes replaced by Life Safety
  • Fire sprinkler pipes painted by AE
  • Common area doors replaced by AE (trash and boiler/roof)
  • Porte cochere roofs painted
  • Pool motor replaced
  • Catwalks painted
  • Trash room doors painted
  • Valves replaced north dune walk
  • Fire system (sprinkler/strobes/pull stations) replaced throughout property
  • New heater replaced at pool
  • New panic hardware installed (stainless) for exit doors
  • All floors cleaned by contractor per agreement
  • New FOB system for both towers
  • Roof repairs various
  • Well's, pumps, motor (ongoing)
  • Trash Chute doors replaced
  • Dead palm trees removed


Upcoming Board Meetings

Hi Everyone,

Please mark your calendars for these Tiara Towers Board meetings this week!

Monday, Nov. 10th at 10 AM in the South Party room - BUDGET PLANNING meeting

Friday, Nov. 14th at 10 AM in the North Party room - BOARD Meeting

All owners are encouraged to attend!

Golfing enthusiasts

You know it's the new season at Tiara when the weekly golf games are scheduled!

This year Tiara golf will generally play on Tuesdays. Al Alvandian is setting the tee times and courses, this year, and anyone interested in playing in this group, should e-mail Al. We play at a variety of lower cost courses around the area, and we are always looking for new interested players. Continue reading

Halloween Fun

Witches, goblins, ghouls, and "Sugar"  (Pete Bullock 1505S) could be found at the Halloween Happy Hour, which was a great beginning to the Tiara Social Season for 2014-2015!      It was hard to get an exact count of attendees since the fifty-plus (50+) residents and owners kept moving around, visiting with old friends and making new ones.    Continue reading

AC Maintenance Reminder

This summer saw hot and humid weather and with it more than a few Air Conditioning problems.    Conversations around the pool revealed that more than a few owners were unsure of how to respond to AC outages and the how and why of proper AC maintenance.     We worked with our Maintenance Supervisor, Doug Eisinger, and put together an AC Tips page which can be found from the Tiara website at Support / Maintenance / AC Tips.

Continue reading