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Happy Holidays!

The editors of the Tiara Newsletter wish everyone Holiday Greetings and their hopes for a wonderful New Year for all!

Happy Hanukkah!       Hannukah






Merry Christmas!     christmas








and a Happy New Year!


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Annual Meeting of Tiara HomeOwners – 2014

On December 10th, at 10 am in the South Club Room, Tiara homeowners met to hold their annual meeting.    The necessary quorum of owners, in person or represented by proxy, were present.     Ron Hutchins was asked to chair the meeting.

The owners, led by Ron, acknowledged the hard work contributed by individual owners throughout the year to enhance the lifestyle at Tiara and continue to make it a great place to live, including:

  • Maintenance Committee, led by Danny Masciana
  • Landscape Committee, led by Pat Gustaitis, Louise Stewart, and Nancy Mikesh
  • Social Committee, chaired by Virginia Chartrand, but carried out by volunteers from both the North and South Towers
  • North Beach Association director Peter Bullock, with a status update about the rezoning efforts required for the Ruffin / Radisson property (see an early report for full details)

Ron introduced the Tiara Maintenance staff of Doug Eisinger and Steven Kura and praised them for their work done to keep Tiara functioning and appealing.    Both men can be found every day hard at work on a seemingly never-ending list of projects.

It was noted that insurance premiums for 2015 have been reduced, due in large part to the fortunes of weather which have kept central Florida hurricane-free for the past 10 years.     One result of this is that Tiara Owners' HOA dues will not be increased next year and in fact will be slightly reduced.

Ongoing efforts remain as projects to be addressed by the 2015 Board of Directors:

  • Elevator maintenance
  • Ongoing Plumbing issues
  • Review and update of the Association documents

The highlight of the meeting was the Homeowners' vote for the 2015 Board members.     The members of the Board for 2015 are:

Doug Chartrand
Tom Hubbard
Jim Mikesh
Ken Tangora
Ed Galvin (re-elected for 2015)
Bob Liepa (newly elected fort 2015)
John Rowinski (re-elected for 2015)

2015 Board Announced

Board members met on Friday, December 20th, to elect officers for the coming year.  The new Board organization is:

Ed Galvin, President
John Rowinski, Vice-President
Doug Chartrand, Secretary
Bob Liepa, Treasurer
Ken Tangora, Member
Jim Mikesh, Member
Tom Hubbard, Member

Congratulations to the new officers!

Thanks offered to the 2014 Board

We also offer our heartfelt thanks to outgoing President, Ron Hutchins, for his years of service and to  Jim Mikesh who is stepping down as Treasurer.   All of the members of the Board each year work very hard on our behalf to keep Tiara the wonderful place to live that it is.   They deserve our thanks and appreciation for their efforts.

Thanks for a job well done!!