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April Hearing on Ruffin Property

The next meeting of the St Lucie Board of Commissioners to address changes that will affect the Ruffin property at the corner of Shorewinds Drive and SR A1A will be held Tuesday April 7th, at 6 pm.

This will be the 2nd meeting on the County's Comprehensive Plan changes and Zoning changes needed to support a "resort hotel". This meeting will NOT discuss the specific plans for any hotel or resort proposed for the Ruffin property, but may give that developer the requested zoning changes.

You should read the Public Hearing Notice sent out by the St Lucie Board of Commissioners.

County Commissioner Chambers
St. Lucie County Administration Building, 3rd Floor
2300 Virginia Avenue
Ft. Pierce, Fl

Sports Weekend 2015

It's the annual passage into Spring here at Tiara!   Sports Weekend will be March 28, 29, and 30th.

sports weekend 1


All owners, tenants, and guests are invited to participate in the games.   And if you're not up to playing you can participate in the fun by watching and cheering on your favorite players.   The Sports Weekend is organized each year by Bob Goosman.

Signups are in the mailrooms right now. Continue reading

Maintenance Checklist to Prevent a Water Disaster

The Maintenance Committee has put together a Checklist of items that have the potential to cause a flood in your unit or your neighbor's.     Paying attention to these items may save you time and money.    The list includes:

  • Service your air-conditioning unit at least annually
  • Check your toilets for leaks
  • Keep your shutters in good working order
  • Be aware of the age of your hot water heater
  • Check your washing machine hoses regularly

For more info on these items visit the new Condo Maintenance Item page on the Tiara website under Support / Maintenance / Condo Maintenance Item.



North Causeway Bridge Closures



North Causeway Bridge- Closings for Maintenance- extend life till new bridge


Shortly after April 6, 2015 and continuing for 4 months, the North Causeway Bridge on and off North Hutchinson Island will have restricted traffic operations including some hours of closure (no traffic permitted).


There will be one lane of traffic, controlled by the bridge lights, for the entire period.


About 30 days after construction begins, passage over the bridge will be restricted at night to 11:00 PM – 12:00 midnight and 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM. This work will last about 40 days.



North Beach Association

Released March 10, 2015


As we get more information we will post it in the mailrooms at Tiara Towers and on the website.


2015 Plumbing Reimbursement Policy


A New procedure was adopted at the February 2015 board meeting for plumbing issues outside of a unit boundaries.

Plumbing invoices for clogs that occur below the concrete slab (this excludes clogs in pipes under the sinks or in a toilet) should be submitted to Elliott Merrill for reimbursement.  Reimbursement will be made for reasonable and customary charges to clear drains where there is no negligence on the unit owner/occupant’s part.


The unit owner/occupant should make an attempt to clear the clog themselves.  If a plumber is needed, please also notify Elliott Merrill (call the Tiara office 772-595-9656) so a representative can be present with the plumber.  If a plumber is required in the evening or on the weekend an Elliott Merrill representative will NOT be available.   In these cases, Elliott Merrill will follow-up with the plumber to verify where the clog occurred and what the problem was.


If the problem continues to occur,  the board can authorize and pay for a more extensive fix to the plumbing system.


Water Heater Review



Each year at Tiara Towers, hot water heaters fail after an average age of 10+ years.  Please take a few minutes and check the age of your hot water heater!

If several owners change their hotwater heaters as the same time, you could  receive a discount on installation & replacement  prices.

Let’s Prevent a water leak  or a failure before it’s too late

Learn More



How to locate and read a Rheem serial number for the  manufacture date.

The serial number identification on all Rheem water heating product rating labels contain ten(10) digits. If follows the example below:  First Two digits Month, Second two digits is year,  So this heater below was manufactured  2009.

 Serial Number  12  09  D  01234
 Description  Month Manufactured  Year Manufactured  Plant Line Code  Consective Serial Number







Portuguese Man O’War Found on Tiara’s beach

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Walking the beach at sunset we noticed these bright blue colored objects in the tide line.

IMG_20150301_173654_753 port m of war 1


Though they look beautiful they are the venomous Portuguese Man O'War and tonight they can be found up and down the beach, which means they are also in the waters. Their tentacles, which extend below that sac that looks like a blown up plastic bag, can sting even after the animal is on the shore or even dead.






From Wikipedia:

The Portuguese man o' war lives at the surface of the ocean. The gas-filled bladder, or pneumatophore, remains at the surface, while the remainder is submerged.[4] Since the Portuguese man o' war has no means of propulsion, it is moved by a combination of winds, currents, and tides. Although it is most commonly found in the open ocean in tropical and subtropical regions, it has been found as far north as the Bay of Fundy and the Hebrides.

Strong winds may drive them into bays or onto beaches. Often the finding of a single Portuguese man o' war results in the finding of many others in the vicinity.  They must be treated with caution, and the discovery of man o' war washed up on a beach may lead to the closure of the whole beach. 

Treatment for a Portuguese man o' war sting includes:

  • avoiding further contact with the Portuguese man o' war and carefully removing remnants of the organism from the skin (taking care not to touch them directly with fingers or any other part of the skin to avoid secondary stinging)
  • apply salt water to the affected area (not fresh water, which tends to make the affected area worse)
  • follow up with the application of hot water (45 °C or 113 °F) to the affected area from 15 to 20 minuteswhich has been shown to ease the pain better than ice cold water.
  • if eyes have been affected, irrigate with copious amounts of room-temperature tap water for at least 15 minutes, and if vision blurs or the eyes continue to water or hurt, swell, or show light sensitivity after irrigating, or there is any concern, seek medical attention as soon as possible

Vinegar is not recommended for treating stings. 

They may be washed out with the next high tide but if you encounter them, be careful!