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2016 Water Heater Inspection

Tiara Tower Update

In 2015, Tiara Towers experienced four water heaters failures. As experienced many times in prior years, the resulting water damages proved inconvenient and costly to the owners and the association. Most water heaters start to fail after 10+ years of service. To identify potential problems, the BOD has arranged for inspection of water heaters by a qualified plumber. An Elliot Merrill representative and a member of the maintenance committee will accompany the inspector. A letter will be sent to owners regarding the inspection's findings for their unit.

During the inspection, the plumber will also check the toilet bowls for any issues and identify or replace defective flappers.

Inspection in North Tower                    January 26, 2016

 Starting  at  8:30 am, top floor - down.

Inspection in South Tower                    January 27, 2016

We can  prevent a water issue before it’s too late


How to locate and read a Rheem serial number for the  manufacture date.The serial number identification on all Rheem water heating product rating labels contain ten(10) digits. If follows the example below:  First Two digits Month, Second two digits is year,  So this heater below was manufactured  2009.

 Serial Number  12  09  D  01234
 Description  Month Manufactured  Year Manufactured  Plant Line Code  Consective Serial Number






2016 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs


2016 Board of Directors for Tiara Towers (North and South)

  • Ed Galvin, President
  • John Rowinski, Vice-President
  • Doug Chartrand, Secretary
  • Bob Liepa, Treasurer
  • Bob Alexander, Director
  • Bill Dicker, Director
  • Dan Masciana, Director

2016 Committee Chairpersons

  • Communications Committee – Pete Bullock
  • Documents Committee – Bill Dicker
  • Elevator Committee – John Rowinski
  • Finance Committee – Bob Liepa
  • Landscaping Committee – Pat Gustaitis
  • Maintenance Committee – Danny Masciana
  • Rules Committee – Bob Alexander
  • Social Committee – Debbie Liepa
  • Telecom Committee – Jeeti Puri
  • Welcoming Committee – Joan Fragala

2016 Representatives to North Beach Association

  • Jeri Bullock
  • Pete Bullock


All are Volunteers and deserve our continued support!   Thanks for serving!








Coming Up

About to be published....

  • The Social Calendar for February thru May 2016.
  • The 2016 Tiara Owners Directory has gone to print and will be available in a few weeks.   Watch for information on how to pick up or receive your copy.
  • The Documents Committee is wrapping up a yearlong review to update Tiara's 25-year old Declaration and By-Laws, to remove outdated Developer language, consolidate 9 separate Amendments over the years, and reflect changes in Florida state law.  Owners will soon be receiving redlined copies of proposed changes for Review and Comment before a Membership vote is called to decide whether or not to adopt proposed changes.

Next Social event is the Superbowl Party on February 7th.   Sign-up sheets will be in your mailrooms on Monday, January 25th.      If you haven't yet picked a square in the Football Pool there may still be a few available.  Check both mailroom sheets or contact Bob and Rosemarie Smith at 484-433-5440.