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Another Party!!

Check out the Tiara website to see the pictures taken at the 2016 Valentine's Day Party, held at the Quilted Giraffee.     The pictures can be found on the website under the menu item Happenings / Party Time / Valentine Party 2016.

Thank you for saving Tiara money!

Many thanks go out to the numerous Tiara Owners who have responded to the recent email survey of Owners, asking  if they would be willing to accept ELECTRONIC receipt via email.  This survey addressed the the upcoming Review Package of proposed updates to Tiara's Documents, with the hope of reducing printing and mailing costs for the Association.  The size of the review package, which includes red-lined copies of the proposed updated documents, numbers roughly 100 pages, and is simply a review document - not the finished product.

The email survey went out t0 156 Owner email addresses that the Tiara Towers Newsletter has on file.  87 of those surveyed responded (a 56% response rate).  72 Owners (representing 51 Units because a Unit may have multiple owners with separate email addresses) selected EMAIL as their preferred delivery method.  15 Owners selected PAPER as their preferred delivery method.  83% of the responses received favored EMAIL.

The net result is that the Association will be able to send out packages via email to 51 Units - a 35% savings in printing and mailing costs for this distribution.  The Board hopes that similar savings will be possible on future mailings.


North Beach Association Meeting Feb 2016

The Directors of the North Beach Association met February 8th in the hopes of getting some updates to activities and plans affecting North Hutchinson Island.    Sadly there wasn't much progress to report over the past few months.

  • FPL has been asked by the NBA to look into many reported instances of low voltage occurring on the island.    Periods of low voltage have reportedly affected cooling tower and swimming pool motors as well as air conditioning units.


  • North Hutchinson Island as its own post office designation has been the subject of several petitions floating throughout the island over the past months but so far there is no progress to report.   Changing the "official" name from Fort Pierce to "North Hutchinson Island" may require a new zip code and/or an act of the State Legislature.   Currently the post office does allow and recognize the use of "North Hutchinson Island" or even "Hutchinson Island" for the purpose of routing mail, so you may use it as your address.   However any lookup of our zipcode of 34949 will result in the city name Fort Pierce so be aware that some companies that need/use an address will not recognize the Hutchinson Island designation.   In particular it has been noted that UPS does not honor the Hutchinson Island designation and may actually return mail or packages addressed to Hutchinson Island.


  • All Aboard Florida has been asked to redo its Environmental Impact Statement by the FRA before any permits are given to begin building.     This has pushed back work on the Orlando to West Palm Beach section of the passenger train line but work continues on the Miami to West Palm Beach section.


  • The Coast Guard is still looking into the proposal to impose timed openings for the North Causeway bridge.


  • No plans have been submitted to the St Lucie County Planning Board for the Ruffin site at the corner of Shorewinds Drive and A1A, across from Cumberland Market.    There has been some talk that the Ruffin ownership is seeking to sell the property rather than build on it now that the requested zoning has been approved.


  • The NBA Directors support the addition of changing the road designation for Highway A1A to include a less utilitarian name such as Atlantic Beach Boulevard or Ocean Boulevard or the like.    Such a move requires an act of the State Legislature and the local Representative has to sponsor such a bill.    No action was taken on this idea during the current session of the Legislature, and it will be suggested again for the 2016 session.


  • The street lights are out on the section of Shorewinds Drive between the Little Jim bridge and Cumberland market.


  • A free fair "Party in the Park" will be held this Saturday, February 13th from 10 - 4, at the Fort Pierce State Park.    This might be a fun outing though it will probably affect traffic along Shorewinds Drive this Saturday.

Report on the rules regarding dogs on the beach between Pepper Park and the Ft Pierce Inlet.  Ron Knaggs of the NBA researched the SLC ordinances and identified the following rules. Leashed dogs are permitted on the beach but NOT allowed at Pepper Park. Unleashed dogs are permitted on the County property between the water and the median high tide line.   Above the high tide line the property owner (or Condo) may establish its own rule prohibiting unleashed dogs and provide signage to that effect. Anyone may call 911 to report a violation.   The 911 operator will notify SLC Animal Control (which has 1 officer) and time permitting the Animal Control officer will come out to investigate.

2016 Superbowl Party

Tiara residents and friends came together to watch Superbowl 50.    Pizza and chili, salad and chicken wings, choice of beverage, and a dessert was available to the 36 partygoers on February 7th in the North Party room.


The final score was Carolina 10 to Denver 24, but the more important numbers were those that defined the lucky winners of the football pool.     You have to play to win but you don't have to be present at the party. Continue reading

We Remember Chick Hoehn



Charles (Chick) Hoehn of 502 South has passed away at 4:30 AM on February 2,  2016 at his home in Sussex, NJ.


Most of us here at Tiara have known Chick for his love of the beach and his unselfish dedication to lending support whenever he could to Tiara.  When he was in residence here,  you could probably find Chick on the beach,  having discussions with friends about everything from world affairs to sports.  He was an avid auto racing fan and he loved boating,  the ocean and body surfing.

During the difficult period after the 2004 hurricanes,  Chick volunteered as a board member to lend his expertise in the insurance business and was instrumental in expediting the insurance settlement for the damage to the buildings.  He also helped formulate the future insurance requirements and helped keep Tiara premiums to a minimum.

He will be missed by all who knew him.  Our sincere condolences to his wife Jean and family.


A viewing will take place 2:00 PM on Saturday,  February 6th,  2016 at:

          ILIFF - Ruggiero Funeral Home
          156 Main St.
          Newton NJ,  07860.  

A Memorial Service will be held from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.

Donations may be made to:

          Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice
          99 Sparta Ave
          Newton,  NJ07860                     

Update: Water Heater Inspection

The water heaters in the South Tower will be inspected on Friday, February 5th, beginning at 8:55 AM starting on the 15th floor.



2016 Tiara Directories

The 2016 Tiara Owners Directory is ready!

If you haven't already received a copy you may stop by Jeri and Pete Bullock's 1505 S to get your copy sometime this week.    Early next week, on February 9th,  the Directories will be given to Elliott Merrill to be mailed out to the owners who haven't picked up a copy.     The Directories will be mailed to the owner's address of record on file with EM.

It is also possible to download and print out a copy of the Directory from the Tiara website, in case you'd like to have additional copies.     To print out the 25 page directory, in an 8 1/2 x 11 inch PDF format, click here - 2016 Tiara Directory.