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October News at Tiara

The first Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 25th at 10 am in the North Club Room.      All owners who are in residence or in the vicinity are invited to attend the meeting.

Elections will be held at the Annual Members Meeting in December for the Tiara Board.    If you're interested in serving Tiara as a Board member please send your application and resume to Elliott Merrill by Friday, October 28th.

Steven Kura, custodial support at Tiara, has resigned due to health reasons.  We all will miss him but wish him success in his fight against the cancer that has afflicted him for the past year.   He's scheduled for surgery this coming week.   If you'd like to send a card to Steve please bring it to Linda Dicker, Mil Mealey or Jeri Bullock.

Steve's replacement, Gloria, is already busy learning the ropes at Tiara.   Please stop and introduce yourself to her and welcome her to our Tiara family.

The Lobby Decorating Committee is looking for more members.   If you'd like to help with the decorating plans for the lobbies please contact Jo Ann Galvin (770-337-8481) or Linda Dicker (201-874-2527).     Volunteers from the South building are especially needed although all are welcome to join.      Now that we have the new lobby furniture in place it's time to turn attention to the next phases of design for the lobbies, including rugs, pictures, accessories, tables and everything it takes to make the lobbies warm and welcoming.

The Landscape Committee is also looking for new members.     Please contact Pat Gustaitus (772-460-1441) or Nancy Mikesh (772-465-9987) if you're like to help keep Tiara's grounds looking great!    No, you won't have to get your hands dirty just offer your time and landscaping interest to guide and direct the work done by the landscaping service.

If you currently have Comcast Internet service you may have received an email from Comcast regarding a new data usage plan.    Up until now Comcast Internet usage has been unlimited but now they are introducing caps on data usage via the Internet. They are capping monthly data usage at 1 Terabyte/month as of Nov. 1st.  Anyone desiring to keep unlimited data can purchase it for an added monthly fee.    A terabyte of data is a lot of data but for any of you who regularly stream movies or videos or play online games (or have grand-kids who do!) or perhaps even work from home it may not be enough.     You should pay attention to the email or go to to read about what's coming next from Comcast with their efforts to charge more for the level of Internet service provided up to now.



Recent News

October news from the Board:

Steve Kura, Elliott Merrill custodial staff at Tiara, will be leaving Tiara as of October 21st, because of ongoing heath reasons.   Steve has worked tirelessly for the past 4 years keeping the buildings and grounds in good shape.  Please take a moment to wish him and his family well.

Tiara's Insurance Committee needs one or two new members.  One member has resigned and another passed away.  It would be ideal to find someone with insurance expertise.  Currently there is no representation from the South building and it would be preferable to have representation from both buildings.  Contact Bob Liepa or Bill Dicker if interested.

The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, October 25, at 10 am in the North Building.

Annual Meeting of the Condominium Association - Elliott Merrill sent out its mailing announcing the date of the Annual Meeting, which will be December7, 2016, at 10 am in the North Tower.   At this meeting there will be an Election of Directors and all interested individuals are invited to put forth their names for an election to determine the directors to fill the three (3) open positions on the Board.   The forms needed to be put on the ballot and the forms that might be needed to vote in this election are included in the recent mailing.    Candidates are advised to submit their names prior to October 28th.    A follow-up mailing with the slate of Candidates and the voting proxies will be mailed out no less than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.


AND don't forget the Tiara Halloween   get-together on Saturday, October 29th, at 6:00 pm in the North Tower, sponsored by the Tiara Social Committee!  It's the first party of the 2016-2017 social season at Tiara.   BYOB and bring an appetizer to share.  Costumes optional.  See you there!!halloween pumpkin


Matthew’s Aftermath

Tiara weathered Hurricane Matthew very well.   Most people evacuated by Thursday tho a few diehards remained at Tiara.   No significant beach erosion, no major building issues, power was restored by mid-day Friday and elevators were back in service at that time, water and AC were on, and by Saturday most of the evacuees returned.   John and Steve cleaned the pool and hot tubs of debris and set out the deck chaises and chairs on Friday.    Thanks, guys!   The landscaping service cleared the property of fallen fronds and other debris.   It looks like there is some damage to the overhead boards on the pergolas over the grilling areas where some of the boards were pulled loose.    I'm sure there are other items in either North or South buildings that need some attention but for the most part Tiara was very lucky that Matthew stayed just a bit further offshore than was forecast.   Our beach paradise is about back to normal.

Both North and South buildings showed this evidence of Matthew's brush with Tiara.

Palm fronds in driveway

Palm fronds in driveway




Pergola boards torn

Pergola boards torn

South pool debris

South pool debris

Other nearby places were not so fortunate.

Archway at Avalon Beach homesites collapsed

Archway at Avalon Beach homesites collapsed




Seal Museum

Seal Museum


Large tree uprooted

Large tree uprooted

A Message from Elliott Merrill

October 10, 2016

Dear Property Owners:

First off, I would like you to know that we appreciate the many kind words and thanks we have received from our clients. I am very proud of my managers, office staff, maintenance and cleaning personnel for stepping up to the plate during this difficult time. Days have been long and hot but we are in excellent shape.

As soon as safely possible after the all clear, managers and maintenance personnel were on site to assess damages.

We are happy to be able to share with you that all Elliott Merrill properties sustained very little damage due to hurricane Matthew, which was a category 4 storm. Managers and maintenance personnel are working to bring our communities back to pre-storm conditions. Administrative assistants are fielding repair issues, owner inquiries and updating communities as to the status of their individual properties.

The damage was mostly landscape related and the landscapers are making headway with the clean-up. Some communities are experiencing problems with mechanical components such as water pumps, elevators and pool equipment. Contractors are being very responsive and we expect all repairs to be completed quickly.

We feel very fortunate that our communities fared so well, as this could have been a devastating situation.


Craig Merrill, President

Elliott Merrill Community Management



Tiara safe after Matthew passed

Brief update on Tiara:

Good news!   Ed Galvin reports that Tiara had only minor damage (no details yet) but at this time (Friday 11 am)  power is restored and the elevators are scheduled to be turned on around noon.    The Bridges are open for those who want to return to the island.

The Treasure coast missed a major storm.



Hurricane Matthew – Correction for North Hutchinson Island Bridges

Be advised - Correction to previously stated bridge closures.

The North Causeway draw bridge will close to boat traffic starting at 8 pm Wednesday.    It has been earlier reported that the North Causeway bridge will be closed at 8 pm, implying closed to vehicular traffic.    Traffic headed OFF the island will likely be allowed.

Traffic over ALL Bridges will be prohibited  when sustained winds exceed 39 mph.

TC Palm article identifying evacuation orders issued by the Sheriff's Departments for Indian River, St Lucie, and Martin County.


Hurricane Matthew will impact Tiara

We are sure that everyone is keeping an eye on Hurricane Matthew and its probable impact on North Hutchinson Island.     This one is expected to be a major event.    As of Wednesday 5 pm it appears that Hurricane Matthew will pass within 20 miles of Tiara as a Category 4 storm  (a category 4 storm is defined as having winds of 130- 156 mph.)

On Wednesday (10/5, 4 pm) afternoon, Elliott Merrill issued the following statement to all of the properties that they manage.

As of this morning, Hurricane warnings have been issued for Indian River and Saint Lucie Counties.  Our area will be impacted by this storm.

Please note the following:
•         Voluntary evacuations have started in both Indian River and Saint Lucie counties and we have been told that mandatory evacuation orders for the barrier Islands and low lying areas will start either tonight or early tomorrow morning, no later than 8:00 a.m.

•         The North Causeway (Shorewinds Drive) draw bridge to North Hutchinson Island will close tonight (Wednesday) at 8:00 p.m. and all other bridges (17th Street in Vero Beach) will close when winds reach 39 miles per hour so please plan accordingly.

•         Our staff will have implemented all Hurricane Procedures applicable to your property by the end of the day today.

•         Our office will be open tomorrow morning(Thursday 10/6), however we will be closing no later than noon, earlier if the weather begins to deteriorate.     EM phone number is:772-466-2630.

•         Access control officers will be sent home no later than midnight tonight and gates will be secured in the open position.

•         On site staff members will not be able to report to properties on the barrier island until the bridges have opened and the evacuation orders have been lifted.   We hope to have them back on properties Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

•         We have contractors on standby.  As soon as we are able to access our communities, the manager and the maintenance  staff will be assessing damages and if needed we will be notifying contractors to start clean up; covering roofs, boarding windows and removing debris.

•         Unfortunately communications to Boards and owners may be delayed depending on phone and email communication capabilities.   Cell phones may also be out of service immediately following the storm.  We will be communicating damage reports as soon as we can, which may take a few days.

Craig Merrill, CAM
Elliott Merrill Community Management


For complete information about Hurricane Matthew please go to the National Hurricane Office site "Hurricane Matthew".

Also, Be advised that the elevators at Tiara will be shut down as soon as there is a mandatory evacuation issued by St Lucie County, expected to occur Thursday a.m.    The mandatory evacuation means that no emergency vehicles will be able to get to the Island.  Thus if you get stuck in the elevator, you will be there until the evacuation is lifted.        Issued by Tiara's Board of Directors on Wednesday 10/5

As we get new information about how Tiara weathered the storm and when the bridges will be re-opened we will try to publish another Tiara Newsletter.    Stay safe Everyone!




Keeping an Eye on Hurricane Matthew

The National Weather Service in Miami said Saturday that the chance of hurricane conditions in South Florida due to hurricane Matthew remains less than 5 percent. The odds of the region seeing tropical storm conditions from the fringes of the hurricane are about 20 percent. However both probabilities have been increasing, and the weather service said the storm's course is difficult to predict.

All Tiara Shutters must be closed when your unit is not occupied. There is a $200.00 service fee if the shutters are closed by Elliott Merrill when a storm warning is issued.

You can follow the NOAA Hurricane predictions for Matthew here.

Matthew is currently forecast to be over Cuba by Tuesday (Oct. 4) and one of its many possible tracks takes it up the East Coast of Florida.