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Pat and Tom Hubbard’s Daughter Receives Award for Saving Infant’s Life


Pat and Tom Hubbard (1205 N) are very proud these days of their daughter Julie (Hubbard) Hall.

Barnstable County, MA (Town of Plymouth) Juvenile Probation Officer Julie Hall was honored by the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) with a “Humanitarian Award for Excellence” for saving a five-week-old baby’s life this summer. Hall was also recently notified that she is the recipient of a 2016 Trial Court Excellence Award which will be presented on December 6th at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston.

During the NAGE ceremony—attended by US Congressman Joe Kennedy, Attorney General Maura Healey, and State Treasurer Deb Goldberg—she was showered with praise by all three for making a snap decision on that fateful day this past summer. The NAGE event took place in October.

On one hot day in July, Hall decided to make an unannounced visit to a client and discovered the baby boy home alone in a sweltering apartment. She walked up to the door and heard the baby crying. When no one responded to the bell or her knocks on the door, she went to “every window and door” and knocked before she realized no one was home. She also felt the air conditioner to see if it was on and found that it was off.

Hall said she panicked and called 911, the family’s social worker and then her boss, Assistant Chief Probation Officer Ann MacDonald. The police gained entry into the apartment. Hall found the baby dressed in two outfits and covered with two blankets and soaked in urine. Once Hall picked the baby up to change his diaper, he stopped crying. The baby was taken to Cape Cod Hospital and later placed in foster care.

“I was incredibly relieved when the police arrived and then emotional once I was able to pick the baby up and know he
was okay. He is now being well cared for,” Hall said.

North Beach Assn Meeting November 14th

The North Beach Association held a Members' Meeting November 14, 2016, at the Seal Museum.     Highlights of the meeting follow.

Sheriff's Report - An increasing number of incidents of thefts from unlocked cars have been reported.    Message from law enforcement is "ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR"

St Lucie County Utilities Presentation - As a result of one of the Tiara owners requesting the Tiara representatives to the North Beach Association for more information about the recent variance requested for a new pump house to be constructed on the grounds of the St Lucie County Water Treatment plant on U.S. 1 (across from Sea Palms), the St Lucie County Utilities office made a presentation to the NBA about the planned improvements.

The County plans to convert the remaining communities still on septic systems (on North Hutchinson Island) to the County sewer system over the next few years.   New underground piping will be installed from each included home to a centralized collection station.  Some street construction will be visible over the next few years of the project.  The Utilities Department will make public announcements in advance of any such work.  The collection system requires a vacuum pumping station which will be installed at the Northeast corner of the Water Filtration site.  Target for starting the effort is Spring 2017.    Targeted communities are Queens' Cove, Jackson Way, Coral Cove Beach, and Fort Pierce Shores.    Each homeowner converting from the septic system will be charged a fee for the conversion, which is estimated to cost $15,000 to $20,000 per home, financed over 20 years.

An 1800 square foot concrete building, matching the exterior design of the other buildings on that site, will be constructed with a one-story design, which will be slightly taller than the height of the first floor of a one-story home.

The main questions from the audience were whether any noise or odor would be noticeable to the residents close to the filtration site.   The County assured everyone that these concerns were being addressed, and that the odor would be minimized through use of a filtration bed for the air discharge, and any additional noise addressed through insulation of the concrete building.

North Causeway Bridge - Next public meeting will be scheduled in January 2017.   Information on FDOT's final plans for the bridge are expected to be discussed at this meeting.

Radisson Site - Several months ago it was reported that the new owner and developer would be the Heaton company and plans were being drawn up.    Now we learn that Mr. Heaton did NOT close on that purchase and that Mr. Ruffin is seeking another purchaser for the property.   (Alas, any Restaurant is still far far in the future.)

Lowe's Property (Grande Beach) across from the Sands Ocean - There is a purchase contract on this property.    No details as to price or plans for development.

Renaming of SR A1A - This effort is still in the works, with the County and FDOT discussing which entity will bear the cost of the new signs to be installed.


2017 Tiara HomeOwners Directory

It's that time of year, when we begin preparations to update the Tiara HomeOwners Directory.      With the 1st mailing of the Election ballots from Elliott Merrill, each Owner was mailed a Tiara Directory Information sheet so that the most correct contact information could be collected for the directory.     If your contact information has changed from what's listed, or if you've never provided contact information for the directory and you wish to have your contact information included in the 2017 directory, please return that information sheet to Elliott Merrill.

If you need another information sheet please contact Jeri Bullock by email ( and another one can be emailed to you.

The Directory also tries to include contact information for all of the annual lessees here at Tiara.  If you know of someone who is an annual lessee and is not listed in last year's directory let Jeri know and she'll contact the lessee to see if their information should be included.


Important ! New Mailing going out for Election of Directors

Watch your mail for a 2nd Election Mailing going out from Elliott Merrill

Due to a mis-communication there are only three(3) positions open on the board.  Elliott Merrill is putting together a new mailing with the correct information and ballots at no cost to Tiara Towers.

There are 3 open positions.    There are 5 candidates.    You can vote for NO MORE THAN THREE candidates.

If you voted with the 1st Mailing and sent it in,  the SAFEST course of action is to send in another Ballot when you receive this 2nd Mailing later this week.    Any ballot received with FOUR candidates checked may be deemed INVALID!

If you've already returned a Proxy, designating someone to vote in your place, you do NOT have to return a new Proxy.

We are sorry for any confusion this may cause.  If you have any questions be sure to call Elliott Merrill for clarifications.

At Elliott Merrill:  Ask for Peggy Covington or Doug Eisinger  (772-466-2630)

Or you can call Ed Galvin (772-466-7989)

Remember - we want everyone's vote to count so mark your NEW ballot for no more than THREE candidates and send it in again!!

Fall Season 2016-17

Activities, parties, and games have begun!     We've had a great Halloween party and coming up later this week is a Thanksgiving Happy Hour.

All are invited to the party.  Just bring an appetizer for 10-12 persons, and your favorite beverage and join friends and neighbors in the North Tower party room at 6 pm.

Bridge and poker games have started and there's interest in starting a Eucre game.    If you'd like to join in the card games here are the particulars:

Canasta - Monday afternoon at 1 pm, North Party room.    Call Mary Masciana (772-429-2498) for more info.

Bridge  - Monday evenings at 7 pm, South Party room.     Call Jeri Bullock (772.577-3838)  for more info.      All skill levels are invited.

Poker - Tuesday evenings in the North Party room.            Call Christos Tzanetakos (772-489-5505) for more info.

Eucre - looking for some interested players.   Contact Doug Chartrand (772-489-5675) or Tom Carroll (248-535-2615) if you'd like to play.    All skill levels are invited.

Aerobics - Nancy St. Charles will be leading a group in water aerobics, South Tower pool, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00.

Golf - Contact Jim Mikesh (772-465-9987) or Ken Tangora (772-466-8489) to set up a time.


Coffee with Steve is Cancelled

The Thursday 9 am Coffee with Steve Kura is cancelled.    The only news we have is that Steve was rushed to the hospital in Miami and he will be there at least 1 week.     When we have more information we will share it with you.

Please keep Steve and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Coffee with Steve Kura

All are invited to have coffee with Steve in the North Tower club room on Thursday, Nov. 10th at 9 AM.    Come wish him well in his retirement.    

coffee clip art



2016 Halloween Party Nite

The first happy hour of the 2016-17 season was a great one!   56 residents attended, many in costume.    Prizes were awarded to the best costume for a man and for a woman, judged by applause.      Marlene Hornbaker (703 N) won as "hippie lady" and Mike Brunner (1305 N) won as "swashbuckling pirate".       The evening was followed by a Karaoke event with a real D.J. which highlighted the unknown singing talents of many Tiara residents.    Great time was had by all!

See all the pictures at Happenings/PartyTime/2016 Halloween Party on the website.