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Meet the 2017 Board of Directors

At the annual Homeowners' Meeting on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016, a new Board of Directors was installed.    Effective immediately the 2017 Board is:

Bill Dicker - President

Ed Galvin - Vice President

Doug Chartrand - Secretary

Bob Liepa - Treasurer

Danny Masciana - Director

Bob Alexander - Director

Jeri Bullock - Director

Because a quorum was present, by presence or proxy, the Owners were able to approve the new budget with reserve funding at "partial funding".   With partial funding each reserve item with less than five years remaining life is funded at 100%;  items with 5-9 years remaining life are funded at 50%; items with 10 or more years remaining life are funded at 25%.  This type of funding keeps down the balance of reserve fund until project approaches.

The next meeting will be in January, 2017.



Tiara Members Meeting tomorrow

Wednesday Dec 7th is the date of the Annual Members Meeting. In order to conduct business and elect Directors for the Board there needs to be a quorum of owners represented. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person it's really important that you send in your proxy TODAY!
Your proxy can be handed to a Board member or given to a friend to bring to the meeting. Your signed proxy can even be faxed to Elliott Merrill or scanned and emailed to Elliott Merrill.

Elliott Merrill

FAX Number: 772.569.4300