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Board Meeting – 2017-1-25

The first Board Meeting of 2017 was held on January 25th in the South Party Room, Bill Dicker, Board President, presided.    There was better than average attendance of the owners and the meeting had a full agenda and lasted for 1 hr and 45 minutes.

Bill Dicker prepared a President's Letter summarizing the work carried out at this meeting.

Tiara Towers Board Meeting – January 25, 2017 – President’s Report

Good day all.

The meeting on Wednesday was very productive.  A short summary follows.

  1. Ed Galvin, John Rowinski, and Jeri Bullock were commended for their service to the community.
  2. A majority of the Tiara committees reported on their plans for 2017.
  3. Our property manager gave a report on work completed in the last month and spoke about efforts to repair several units after a slab leak in the north building and water leaks from prior storms on the 14th and 15th floors of both buildings.
  4. The Decorating Committee was authorized to purchase four carpets for the lobbies of both buildings as part of the redecorating program. (Reserve expense)
  5. The Telecom Committee was authorized to investigate a program that may provide more competitive prices for internet and VOIP telephone service.
  6. The Board authorized an expenditure up to $11,000.00 to fund an all unit hurricane shutter lubrication and inspection program. (Operating Budget)
  7. The Board authorized an expenditure of up to $10,500.00 to seal coat our asphalt roads and parking areas. (Reserve expense)
  8. The Board will send letters to all owners who have hot water heaters aged 10-12 years urging that they replace those heaters in the coming months.
  9. The Board will send letters to all owners with hot water heaters aged 13-27 years giving them 3 months to replace them or the Board may replace them at owner expense. (Affirmative Legal opinion obtained on this issue). New rule to be adopted.
  10. The board approved a motion that will direct the business office of Elliott Merrill to pay off the note financing our insurance policies for 2017 in February in order to save over a thousand dollars in interest.
  11. The Board authorized the expenditure of up to $34,000.00 to replace the domestic water booster pumps and their control systems in both buildings. (Reserve expense).


We are always seeking volunteers for our many committees.  They are the heart of our Tiara community.  There is a committee for every interest.  Please get involved.


Respectfully submitted by,

Bill Dicker - President


At the meeting the Telecomm Committee made a presentation documenting its conclusions that Tiara owners should be offered additional options for Internet and Phone service.      The presentation can be viewed here as Telecom Committee Report.

The topic of older water heaters was discussed during the January 25th Board Meeting and, as the President's Letter indicates, letters will be sent out soon to all owners having water heaters > 10 years of age.     As some background for the concerns that the Board has about older water heaters please take a few minutes to read the attached article on Water_Heater_Failures

The listing of the 2017 Committees and their chairpersons is now available on the Tiara website at Tiara Towers/Your Tiara Board/Committese.    A listing is also available on the bulletin boards in the mailrooms.


Duplicate Bridge classes at the Riverwalk Center

On Monday and Thursday afternoons there is a duplicate bridge class at the Riverwalk Center in Ft. Pierce, followed by an afternoon of bridge games.     You can attend the class or just go to play cards.     There are flyers up in both mailrooms with the particulars.

Monday 12:15 PM   Free Class followed by an afternoon of cards ($6.00)

Thursday 12:00 PM  Free Class followed by an afternoon of cards ($6.00)

The class is free.      It's $6.00 for an afternoon of cards.

Jan 2017 – North Beach Association News

The first Members' Meeting of the North Beach Association, January 9th, was an opportunity to meet the new St Lucie County Commissioner representing North Hutchinson Island, District 9.     She is Cathy Townsend, a longtime resident of SLC, a past owner of the Melon Patch Inn just north of Tiara, and a recent member of the SLC Planning and Zoning Commission.     Cathy is in favor of expanding the SLC airport and opening it up to medium-sized private and commercial air traffic.    She's targeting cargo companies like Fedex and UPS and has had talks with Bahama-based companies seeking to establish flights to/from the islands.

Other items noted at the meeting:

  • SR A1A is now also named Atlantic Beach Boulevard from the inlet north to the county line.     Either designation can be used and the post office should recognize either.    UPS and Fedex and other shippers, as well as navigation systems (Google Maps) may take a little longer to recognize the name.  Road signs are in place at the corner of Shorewinds Drive and Atlantic Beach Boulevard as well as at Marina Avenue, on the south edge of the Grande Beach property.
  • FDOT is hosting a meeting on January 31st at 5:30 pm at the Riverwalk Center to explain its plans for the bridge to be erected in place of the current bridge on Shorewinds Drive at the river.
  • The old Radisson property (Ruffin Property) is back up for sale - no buyer.
  • The Grande Beach property across the street is back up for sale - no buyer.
  • Expect work to begin at the water treatment plant across the way to install a new pumping station as part of the project to convert all septic tanks remaining on the island to sewer connections.   This is probably a multi-year project due to funding issues.
  • Be aware that a nude beach exists north of the nuclear power station on South Hutchinson Island.   There are signs posted at the beach.


3120 or 3150 Atlantic Beach Boulevard


It didn't take long for the County to change the roadway signs.

At the intersection at Cumberland Market....Note the arrows that pointed either north or south have been removed or covered over.

At the intersection between the Galleon and the Grande Beach Realty property, looking towards Atrium, an additional street sign has been added.

Our other address remains 3120 or 3150 Highway A1A.   The roadway is dual-named.

Renaming SR A1A

Tuesday evening, January 10th, 2017,  at the St Lucie County Commission meeting at 6 pm, the issue of dual-naming Highway A1A to also be known as Atlantic Beach Boulevard, was on the agenda.

The North Beach Association, at your representatives request, had taken up this topic and pursued it through the County and the Florida Department of Transportation.  The research for this item was done by our own Mike Izzi (602 S) over the last several years.

The north-south roadway in front of Tiara Towers is already known as Atlantic Beach Boulevard from Shorewinds Drive south to the Inlet but has been named only SR Highway A1A north of Shorewinds Drive to the Indian River County line.   Mike's research uncovered maps and directives calling the roadway Atlantic Beach Boulevard the full length of SR A1A along this north-south segment running from the Shorewinds (Cumberland Farms) intersection northward.

This would be a "dual name" roadway, meaning that either name is accepted for signage and for postal deliveries as well as for legal usage.     No change would be required to use either designation and existing property recordings would not need to be modified.

The Commission approved this item, known as Resolution No. 2017-2, after receiving no objections from FDOT or from the US Postal Service.  The Resolution designated the dual naming of SR A1A to be also known as Atlantic Beach Boulevard from Shorewinds Drive north to the county line.  It directed signage to be erected citing the dual name.

It will probably take a little while for that signage to appear on the roadway and at the intersection of Shorewinds Drive and SR A1A (at the Cumberland market and gas station intersection).    It will also take a while for the USPS to incorporate this resolution into its mail delivery street maps but it will happen.

Tiara can then be addressed as 3120 Atlantic Beach Boulevard and 3150 Atlantic Beach Boulevard, a much classier address in the opinion of some.



2017 Directories

The 2017 Homeowners' Directories are now available.    This year it was decided to do all of the printing and binding work here at Tiara, which saved the HOA a few dollars.     Jeri Bullock coordinated the directory again this year and ladies of Tiara helped with the assembling and binding of the directories.    The work was shared, and enjoyed, by Mary Masciana, Beth Pritchett, Susan Sohni, Sharon Alexander, and Jeri Bullock.    Linda Dicker volunteered to manage the distribution of the new directories in the North Building.

Many thanks to all who gave their time and effort to this effort.    As usual, any errors or omissions should be reported to Jeri Bullock so that corrections can be applied to next year's directory (2018).

Watch the bulletin boards for notices when you can pick up your directory, either in the Lobby, or from Linda Dicker (801 N) for the North building, and Jeri Bullock (1505 S) for the South Building.

All owners and annual lessees should get a copy.    Please note that a pdf version is available from the Tiara website, at Tiara Towers / Your Directory.

On or about January 16th the remaining 2017 directories will be take to Elliott Merrill who will mail a directory to each owner that has not received a copy at Tiara.    Caution:  EM mails the books to the owner's address of record, as known by EM.