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Telecom Survey Results

In February 2017, at the request of Tiara's Board of Directors, the Telecom Committee conducted a survey, attempting to reach all owners, to identify Tiara owners' current telecom capabilities and their desires for any additional or optional services.    These are the results of that survey.   Click here to view the original survey.

  •  160 emails were sent out via the Tiara Towers Newsletter which covered 118 Units or 81% of the total owners plus 6 annual renters.
  • A survey form was posted in the Mail Room of each building,
  • Survey forms were available at the Super Bowl Party, and
  •  2 in-person interviews were conducted.
  • Responses were received from 58 persons representing 40% of Tiara’s total Units
    • 25 responses from the emailed Newsletter
    • 23 responses from the two Mail Rooms
    • 8 responses from the Super Bowl Party
    • 2 in-person interviews


  • 45 Units, 78% of those responding, ARE interested in having a 3rd option for their Internet and/or Condo Phone
  • 13 Units, 22% of those responding, are NOT Interested in having a 3rd Internet/Phone option here at Tiara

The responses indicated:

  • Current providers for internet service are:
    • Comcast               29 Units               50% of total responses
    • AT&T                     11 Units               19% of total responses
    • Did not specify  11 Units                  19% of total responses
    • None                     7 Units                  12% of total responses
  • Current providers of Condo Phone are:
    • None                     18 Units               31% of total responses
    • AT&T                     14 Units               24% of total responses
    • Comcast               12 Units               21% of total responses
    • Did not specify  11 Units                  19% of total responses
    • MagicJack            3 Units                  5% of total responses


Conclusions reached by the Telecom Committee

  • 45 Units with Owners or annual Renters are interested in having a 3rd option for Internet/Phone service.
  • Respondents favored the 3rd option at a ratio of 3.6 to 1.

These survey results encouraged the Board to further investigate what it would take to make it possible to have a 3rd provider of telecom services for Tiara owners.     That provider, Level4 Telecom, has submitted proposals which will be submitted for legal review.

New Rule for Tiara Owners – Replacing Hot Water Heaters

Last year the Board authorized an inspection of all water heaters at Tiara and determined that there were a number of water heaters that are over 10 years old.    The Board's research said that water heater failures increase as the heaters get older and at 12 and 13 years are a risk to you and to your neighbors.   Because of the increased potential for water leaks from failing hot water heaters this year the Tiara Board added a new rule for Tiara owners, as follows:


No hot water heater may remain in use once it is 13 years old: the date to be determined by the manufacturer’s tag on the unit.

It will be the owner’s responsibility to replace said water heater.  If the owner does not replace the heater within 60 days of Board notice, the Board may choose to replace it upon giving the owner a 30 day notice.

Any costs associated with the removal of the old water heater and the installation of the new hot water heater will be the obligation of the unit owner. If the owner does not pay the costs incurred by the Association within 90 days of being billed by the Tiara Association, the Board may choose to suspend all of the owner’s privileges granted by the Declaration.

You can confirm the age of your water heater by looking at the front panel and finding the Manufactured Date (MFG DATE).    If your water heater is more than 13 years old it must be replaced.     If it is older than 10 years old you should consider replacing it soon.

Board Meeting – 2-28-2017

The February Board Meeting for 2017 was held on February 28th in the South Party Room, Bill Dicker, Board President, presided.    There was a larger than usual number of owners in attendance and good discussion with the Board.

Bill Dicker prepared a President's Letter summarizing the work carried out at this meeting.

          Tiara Towers Board Meeting – February 28, 2017

President’s Report

Good Morning.  Great developments are happening at Tiara Towers - wish you were all here.

1.       A majority of the Tiara Committees gave reports:  New rugs for the lobbies; new wall treatments for foyers, etc.; new landscaper hard at work; shutter lube and inspection complete; reserve CD’s being re-invested; garbage chutes under repair; upcoming parties and events scheduled; parking areas to be sealcoated, new domestic water pumps on the way. A $15,000.00 reimbursement check (summer generator failure) was received and deposited.

2.      New Business:

a.       As a result of our revised documents we now complete credit and criminal background checks on all new owners and criminal background checks on all tenants.  Our rental and sale application forms have been revised.  Application fees have been raised to $150.00 for rentals, leases, and sales. Recent problems with tenants arriving before application forms have been received or arriving tenants without any notice from unit owners prompted the development of new rental and lease guidelines that were adopted at the meeting and will soon be posted in both buildings and on the Tiara website news reports.

b.      Letters have gone out to all unit owners who have hot water heaters over 10 years old.  Those with heaters between 10-13 years old are urged to replace them as soon as possible.  Those with heaters over 13 years of age are required to replace them in the next three months.  The Board adopted a rule at this meeting on this matter. It too will soon be posted and included in Tiara email notices.

c.       2016 finished financially with an approximate $22,000.00 surplus.  The Board voted to allocate $10,000.00 to the Mechanicals reserve account, $6,000.00 for the purchase of two ellipticals in the fitness rooms, and $6,000.00 for the decorating committee to use on Board approval.

d.      Plastic bag dispensers of been installed at the beach end of each boardwalk to assist those beach walkers who also pick up beach trash as they walk.  These were provided by the North Beach Association as part of their efforts to protect our beaches and the sea turtles.

e.      The Telecom Committee has been exploring an initiative that would allow a Comcast competitor, Level 4 Telcom, to offer cheaper internet and VOIP telephone service in contrast with the existing options offered by Comcast and AT&T. This program would involve the install of new cable and control systems to bring the service to the buildings for about $14,000.00. Connecting to this service will be at the owner’s choice. This company, Level 4, would also install a barely visible antenna on the roof to broadcast their services to the surrounding area for which they will pay the Association $7,000.00, cutting the install price, and thus the cost of the whole project, to approximately $7,000.00.

Before going further with this appealing concept the Board will send the contracts to our attorney for review.  More on this at the next meeting or before.


Respectfully submitted by,

Bill Dicker, President