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President’s Summary – April Board Meeting

The April Board meeting was held April 13th at 10 a.m. in the North Building.    President Bill Dicker's summary follows:

                       Tiara Towers Board Meeting – April 13, 2017

President’s Report

Hello all.  Spring is here and many interesting projects have been approved.

  1. Only 14 hot water heaters over 13 years of age, of a starting 49, remain to be replaced.  The final revision of rental rules was approved and will soon be distributed.  New domestic water pumps will be installed next week.  Our contract with Comcast for improved bulk tv service will soon go into effect.  Ellipticals (approved in February) will  be installed in the two fitness rooms.
  2. Our antiquated cooling tower (AC/Heat) control systems will be replaced in the next few weeks providing more efficient unit service and electric power savings.
  3. The Board approved a program where unit AC condensation evacuation tubes will be serviced (cleaned and inspected) at Association expense to reduce the risk of destructive AC unit flooding.
  4. The floors of the elevator cabs will be replaced with a low maintenance vinyl wood grain tile system as the present tiles are difficult to clean and breaking into pieces.
  5. The Decorating Committee received a “green light” to proceed with Phase Two of their project to re-decorate our public spaces. The Board voted to hire a contractor to remove the wallpaper from all of the main floor public areas with the exception of the two party rooms (to be re-decorated in 2018), painting the walls with two colors approved by the Committee and the Board.

The four benches in the two buildings now covered in gold will be reupholstered.

  1. The Landscaping Committee is developing a plan to replace the dying oleander plants on the A1A side of our front wall.
  2. The Security Committee and the Rules Committee presented a number of ideas to improve security and hopefully reduce some of our parking problems in both building parking lots. The Board approved committee requests to further develop their proposals.
  3. The Board approved a project (pending attorney approval) that will provide interested homeowners with a cheaper internet and phone alternative in contrast with the fees charged by Comcast and AT&T.
  4. The Board voted to reimburse a homeowner for plumbing fees (up to $500.00) incurred as a result of two attempts to open clogged drain lines. The unit involved will also have their faulty drain pipe system rebuilt next week.
  5. The Board discussed several maintenance projects that will occur this summer.


Respectfully submitted by

Bill Dicker, President   201-974-0066

Renting at Tiara

All Tiara Owners who rent their units should review the revised Rental Rules as adopted at the Board meeting on April 13, 2017.    Both Owners and Renters are required to know and abide by the Tiara Rules and Regulations adopted in 2015.


Tiara Towers Rules for Owners who Rent/ Lease

Adopted April 13, 2017

  1.  All rentals/leases must be approved by the Board prior to the renter taking occupancy.  Rental/lease agreements must be submitted on the current Tiara form at least 4 weeks before the rental/lease period begins. If the owner secures a rental within four weeks or several days before the renter is to arrive, the owner must immediately call Elliott Merrill for expedited processing.
  2. Rental application fee = $150.00 to be submitted with the application. Repeat renter/lessor applications with the same landlord are exempt from the fee but the landlord must submit a copy of the new lease regardless.
  3. As per our revised and amended Tiara documents, Elliott Merrill conducts a criminal and a credit check on new owners in advance of sale and a criminal check on all new renters. These checks take time. Owners and renters must be aware that a negative criminal check will void the application and the rental even if the tenant has arrived at Tiara.
  4. It is the owner’s responsibility (not the agent’s or the renter’s) to submit an application with payment in a timely manner.
  5. Rentals/Leases may not be for less than 60 days. Rentals and Leases that exceed one year must be re-approved prior to the anniversary date of the rental/lease.
  6. Renters must follow all Tiara rules. Owners are responsible for all fines imposed due to a rule violation(s) by their tenants.  An owner relinquishes all Tiara use privileges for the duration of the rental/lease.
  7. Renters must have access to owner garageports
  8. No owner may rent or lease if they are delinquent in their financial obligations to the Association – before or during the lease/rental.
  9. If a renter arrives before an application for rental is received and approved, the owner may be fined up to $100.00. plus application fee per #2 above.



_______________________________ Owner Signature                                          _______ Date

_______________________________Renter Signature                                           _______Date

April North Beach Association

Not much new news this month from the North Beach Association.   Just a couple of tidbits:

The high-rise bridge over the Indian River Lagoon has been pushed back.   New expected start date is 2020 or 2021.

You may have seen the Citizens Observation Patrol cars driving on A1A and wondered who and what they are.   These are volunteers under the direction of the St Lucie County Sheriff's Department who patrol the community looking for suspicious activity, potential hazards, and offer assistance to others in the neighborhood.   The Citizens Observation Patrol (C.O.P.) program welcomes volunteers.    Volunteers with a valid Florida driver's license are given 16 hours of training and asked to give several hours a week to the program.   If interested you should call the Crime Prevention Unit at (772) 871-5397 or (772) 871-5398.


In Memory of Grace Justen

Grace Brunetto Justen

North Hutchinson Island, FL

09/08/1929 - 04/10/2017

Grace Brunetto Justen of

North Hutchinson Island, Florida was born in Johnstown, NY on September 8, 1929 and sadly passed away on April 10, 2017. She was the daughter of Antoinette and Joseph Brunetto. Mrs. Justen graduated with a masters degree in education from Buffalo State College and taught elementary education in Niagara Falls, NY and Boca Raton, FL. Grace was an avid golfer with her good friends at Meadowood Country Club, as a member for over 20 years. Grace also enjoyed golfing and dining with all her friends at Tiara Towers.

She is survived by her beloved husband Gerald W. Justen, her daughters Jodi Lurcott, Ellen Clarry, Terri Brignac, Laura Justen, Beth Ehrman and her sons Don Whelan, Jeff Justen, Greg Justen and Brad Justen. Beloved Grandmother to 23 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. She was always there with a great story, loving heart and will be greatly missed.

New Owners at Tiara

Please welcome these new owners to Tiara!

In the North Building:

205 N   Michael and Joan Hill

604 N   Howard Newton

In the South Building:

604 S  Michael and Joanne Chicvak

704 S  Jeffrey and Sarah Stafford / Barry and Eleanor Bragin

705 S  Hugh and Jackie Bruder

801 S  Joseph and Dana Davis

We're glad you're here!!       

Parking at Tiara

Much has been said, both supportive and critical, about parking at Tiara.    There are rules about parking and even the threat of towing for improperly parked vehicles.     In addition to private garages and assigned garageports there are guest parking places, two clearly marked short-term (15 minute) unloading spaces, fire zone no-parking spaces, and a small number of mandated handicap spaces.  There are a limited number of guest parking places and that limit is tested almost daily at the North building.   Yes, parking can be a problem.

Vehicles that park in the Tiara lots are assumed to be owned by a Tiara resident or guest or by a service person doing work for Tiara or one of its residents.   And it’s expected that every driver adhere to the marked signs and park only in designated parking slots and honor the time limits on the short-term unloading spaces.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case.

There are vehicles parked improperly in parking slots, not always pulled well into the parking slot, parked along the unmarked grassy areas, or parked for too long or even overnight in the unloading spaces.  In addition, service people park in resident unloading spaces, and residents park in contractor unloading spaces.  Sometimes vehicles are parked where they block access to a resident’s garage or garageport.

Maintenance staff and building captains and Board members attempt to manage the parking and identify the vehicles that are improperly parked or may be involved in an accident or may not belong to someone having business at Tiara.   To do this effectively, every vehicle on Tiara property, even those in a garage or garageport, is required to display some type of identification.  Tiara uses decals and hanging parking tags as identification.  Very soon Tiara will add vendor parking permit cards.

  • Decals – used to identify vehicles belonging to owners and long-term lessees at Tiara, requested from the Maintenance office, and affixed to the vehicle’s window.
  • Hanging tags – used to identify vehicles belonging to overnight guests and short-term renters (2 -3 month), requested from the Maintenance office, and hung from the vehicle’s rear-view mirror
  • Vendor parking permit cards – “self-service” cards used to identify vehicles belonging to service personnel that are on-site for a limited time during the day, picked up in the hobby rooms, filled out with the driver’s contact number and the unit number of the resident requesting the service (or the Maintenance supervisor requesting the service), and left on the dashboard of the vehicle

The parking rules listed in the Rules and Regulations booklet are in place to identify every vehicle parking at Tiara.  Staff and owners make every effort to identify vehicles improperly parked or involved in any accident while at Tiara in order to resolve any problem or notify an owner.  Vehicles that cannot be identified are considered a security risk.  The last resort, for repeat offenders, or for those vehicles whose owners/drivers cannot be identified, is towing.   No one wants to see a vehicle towed.

Please do your part to encourage proper parking at Tiara:

  • Use the identification tags and decals.
  • Request the hanging tags for your guests.
  • Instruct your renters to request a hanging tag from the Maintenance office.
  • Remind your service personnel that they MUST use the vendor parking permit cards.
  • Move your car from the unloading space as quickly as possible after unloading it
  • Review the parking guidelines in the Rules and Regulations booklet.

Xfinity Privacy


BY: Bob Alexander

As you may have heard or read, Congress has overturned Internet privacy regulations.  That means that Internet Service Providers like Comcast, AT&T and Level4 may use and sell your private information.  I conducted some research into these companies’ polices regarding use and distribution of your personal data.

The good news is that Level4 (that will likely be offering services in Tiara by the end of the summer) holds your personal information strictly confidential and only uses it for servicing individual accounts and invoicing purposes.  You do not have to do anything to notify them of your preferences for strict privacy.

Some of Tiara owners use AT&T and they are almost as good.  They state that, “We (AT&T) will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose. Period.”  However, if you want to maintain strict privacy, their website states, “You have choices about how AT&T uses your information for marketing purposes. Customers are in control.”  In short, they’ll not sell or distribute your information to other companies but you’ll have to take action to not be targeted by AT&T’s marketing activities.

The majority of Tiara owners use Comcast and they are a completely different story.

If you are a Comcast TV, Internet and/or phone service subscriber, you should be aware of the following: here’s what I learned by researching on the Internet and on the phone with Comcast.  It uses and sells your personal information to target you for advertising activities.  You can limit much, but not all, of their targeted advertising that you receive if you use Comcast television, Internet and/or phone services.  The following provides the details regarding what personal information Comcast collects, uses, and/or sells to others.  Section I is their website with a full disclosure of everything they do.  If you don’t want to bother with reading the whole thing, Section II is my summary of what you probably really care about.  Finally, Section III. Is simply what you need to do to reduce Concast’s use and distribution of your personal information as much as possible.

I.                  Comcast Website with complete details regarding your privacy

Click here to go to the Xfinity website    Comcast privacy notice from the Xfinity website

Or copy this link to a new browser window.


II.               Summary of what you need to know as published by Comcast

To whom may Comcast disclose personally identifiable information?

The Cable Act authorizes Comcast as a cable operator to disclose limited personally identifiable information to others, such as charities, marketing organizations, or other businesses, for cable or non-cable “mailing list” or other purposes.  From time to time we may disclose your name and address for these purposes.  However, you have the right to prohibit or limit this kind of disclosure by contacting us by telephone at 1-800-XFINITY or by sending us a written request as described below under “How do I contact Comcast?”

When may Comcast disclose personal information to others in connection with phone service?

  • We may publish and distribute, or cause to be published and distributed, telephone directories in print, on the Internet, and on disks. Those telephone directories may include subscriber names, addresses, and telephone numbers, without restriction to their use.
  • We may also make subscriber names, addresses, and telephone numbers available, or cause such subscriber information to be made available, through directory assistance operators.
  • We may provide subscribers’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers to unaffiliated directory publishers and directory assistance providers for their use in creating directories and offering directory assistance services.
  • Once our subscribers’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers appear in telephone directories or directory assistance, they may be sorted, packaged, repackaged and made available again in different formats by anyone.

How do I place myself on Comcast’s “do not call” and “do not mail” lists?

You may contact Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY to ask us to put your name on our internal company “do not call” and “do not mail” lists so that you do not receive marketing or promotional telephone calls or postal mail from us or made at our request.  You also have the right to prohibit or limit disclosure of your personally identifiable information for “mailing list” or other purposes as described above in this notice by contacting us at 1-800-XFINITY.

If you prefer to contact Comcast in writing instead of by telephone, you may send a written request to the address listed below under “How do I contact Comcast?” Be sure to include your name and address, your Comcast account number, and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached in the event we have any questions about your request. The person who is identified in our billing records as the subscriber should sign the written request. If you have a joint account, a request by one party will apply to the entire account. If you have multiple accounts, your notice must separately identify each account covered by the request.

How do I contact Comcast?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy notice, or wish to contact us about your personal information, please reach us as follows:

Phone:  1-800-XFINITY
Mail:  Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
Attn: Law Department - Customer Privacy Notice
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838

III.            Action you can take

That above contact information is not very helpful.  It is unclear and/or outdated.  When I called, I spent 45 minutes getting to the right three agents who could explain what to do and another hour wading through the process.  Here’s what you need to do and depending on the time it takes to get through the Comcast voicemail system, you could get it done in 10 or 15 minutes.:

First, you need to speak with a Comcast support agent, you can call 800-XFINITY but be sure when the voicemail asks you what you want help with, say, “Mailing List.”  The automated system will refer you to their website (with directions that I could not follow) and give you an option of speaking with an agent!  Get an agent on the phone.

Step 1:

Tell the agent you want to opt out of all mailings and “door knockers.”  I required her to assure me that the process would stop all Comcast AND third-party use of my personal information.  She offered to send me an email stating such.  I’m still awaiting that email.

Step 2:

The following may be redundant if the agent did her job successfully.  However, I’d rather do this and hope one of the two processes is successful.  Go to and either log in to your account or if you don’t have one, create one.  Go to your Comcast email account home page.  Look down in the lower-right corner of the page.  Click on the “Ad Info” link.  A page with an “Advertising” header will pop up.  Click on the “OPT OUT” blue button.  Click on the “Turn Off Email Ads” blue button.  That will limit but not eliminate Comcast from using your television, Internet, and phone services to gather information about you and send you advertising.

Farther down the page there is “2. Partner Ads.”  Comcast is selling/sharing your personal information with other companies: HULU, NBC (Comcast owns it), CBS, Disney and ESPN (the latter two are ABC companies).  Each of them is blasting you with advertising as well.  I tried to opt out of receiving their ads but had no success in using their automated systems to do so.  I’m hoping the agent stopped this nuisance as she indicated.  Good luck with opting out of their advertising!  Sorry.

I will continue to explore this bothersome issue and will update the community of any further discoveries I make.  If anyone discovers any additional information that would be helpful, please let me know and I’ll get it posted on the Tiara website.