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Please Welcome A New Owner

Another new owner to Tiara!


1402 N -  John and Megan Williamson live in Okeechobee, FL.     They expect to spend weekends and perhaps some weeks this summer at Tiara.



We're glad you're here!!

Summer – Fall 2017 – Planned Maintenance Activity

Bill Dicker,  Tiara Board President, has published a list of maintenance items to be completed over the coming months.  It promises to be a busy summer.

              Tiara Towers Summer and Fall Projects – 2017


  1. Seal coat both parking lots
  2. Install new control systems for HVAC/AC in both towers
  3. Complete scrape and paint in south Tower south elevator shaft
  4. Remove wallpaper, paint foyers and halls both bldgs. – stopping at entrance to community rooms
  5. Replace garage (not garageport) drip caps in both building parking areas
  6. Re-marcite spas in both building pool areas
  7. Install new black lanterns in pool areas and at Tiara entrance
  8. Replace 2 unit doors – rotted out – 201S and 1401S
  9. Paint 2x4 railings on both beach boardwalks, repair and paint wood gates
  10. Repair east end of South Building boardwalk
  11. Begin painting less severely rusted unit and stairwell doors, frames and
  12. Repair several failing garbage chute doors in both bldgs..
  13. Replace ageing and failing pool chairs
  14. Level 4 cable install for internet and VOIP service
  15. Clean dryer stacks
  16. Clean out all unit AC condensate lines
  17. Blow out all garageports and powerwash outside of garageport & garage doors



  1. Repair rusted/damaged poles, etc. on tennis court
  2. Replace oleanders on A1A side of complex wall
  3. Decorating committee – foyer art and accessories
  4. Contract out remaining seriously rusted unit and stairwell doors, frames, sidelights
  5. Investigate converting pools and eventually spas to salt rather than chlorine
  6. Garage Buildings: north facing garage doors (9 in north lot and 7 in south lot) remove rust, prime and paint
  7. Stencil “Propane” pipe in north bldg.

2017 Social Activities

The first half of the 2017 social season is almost over.    Most seasonal residents and renters have left Tiara, with many scheduled to leave before the end of May.   The most recent social event was the Kentucky Derby party, which was a great hit and a season favorite.   Pictures from the Derby party can be viewed at the website under Happenings/Party Time.

The last party of the Spring season will be a Memorial Day cookout, if at least 12 residents and renters sign up to attend.     Signups are in the mailrooms for this May 29th event.


Tiara Towers 2016 Audit Report

The 2016 Audit report is now available.

To review that Audit report, click on Tiara Towers 2016 Audit and log on to the website.

If you are already on the website, the Audit reports can be found at Tiara Towers/Your Board/Finances under the heading of Audit.    You can review the Audit report online or print it for reading later.

You may also ask Elliott Merrill to send you a printed copy of the Audit by sending an email to Holly Leide at



Please Welcome….

Please welcome Steve Donnelly as our new Maintenance Supervisor.  Effective immediately Steve and Gloria are Tiara's onsite maintenance team, reporting to Doug Eisinger.