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Board President’s Update – Summer 2014

News from the President:


We are finishing up the replacement of the sprinkler system piping in the catwalks. After 25 years in the salt air environment they were rusted beyond repair and had to be replaced. There were some painting issues, and we are working on touching up the catwalk floors in areas that were affected. Hats off to Ed Galvin who spearheaded this project.


On May 13th, the Board will vote on awarding contracts for summer painting. Painting is historically performed in the summer as residency is lowered. On the agenda are doors, sidelights, and garage doors. Continue reading

February Board Meeting

The February Board Meeting will be Wednesday, February 20th, at 10 am in the South Club Room. The new business on the agenda is the Comcast contract and a discussion of larger cabinets for the garageports. All owners are welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting

Make a note on your calendar! Tiara’s annual meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 10th. The Annual Meeting is held for the purpose of discussing Association matters and voting on statutory reserves.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all Association Members must be present, in person or by proxy at the meeting, in order for the business to be conducted. Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that either you attend the meeting or mail in your proxy. The proxy form was mailed to you from Elliott Merrill. If you do not have a proxy and need one, please contact Lauri Stevens or Rick Kimes at Elliott Merrill's offices (772-466-2630).

There are three (3) vacancies on the Board and two (2) nominees. Therefore there will not be an Election of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Ed Galvin and Ron Hutchins will be confirmed and will take office at the close of the Annual Meeting. The following members will remain on the Board to serve the last year of their two (2) year term: Doug Chartrand, Bill Dicker, Jim Mikesh, and Ken Tangora.

Later the same day Tiara's Board of Directors will meet to fill a vacancy on the Board and to establish officers for 2013,
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 1pm, on Monday, December 10th. All Association Members are invited to attend the Board of Directors meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board of Director’s meeting will be held to finalize the budget for calendar year 2013.
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 3rd.

All Association Members are invited to attend.

Manager Reports posted

The Manager Reports for August 2012 and Setpember 2012 have been posted on the Finances page.

Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 9am, on Tuesday October 30th, 2012, in the South Tower Clubroom
The agenda will be to discuss the resurfacing of the swimming pools.
All owners in residence are invited to attend.

The Budget meeting will follow at 10am, on the same date.

New Documents Posted

May 15, 2012


We recently updated the document sections of the website so they now contain the most current documents:


Spring, 2012, letter from the President of Tiara Towers Condominium Association

March 31, 2012

Spring, 2012 is upon us.  It seems to me that time goes by faster every year.

We feel we have accomplished many valuable items of concern this year. Continue reading

Board passes 100% hurricane shutter resolution

Dear Tiara Towers Residents:

The Board of Directors at Tiara Towers unanimously passed a motion Continue reading