Jan.13th North Beach Association Meeting

The North Beach Association held its winter Members' meeting on January 13, 2014 at the Seal Museum.    The agenda included the Sheriff's crime report and guest speakers, Commissioner Frannie Hutchinson and Eric Gill.

Crime Alerts

Eleven (11) people have been contacted by phone and told that they haven't paid a traffic ticket and have been requested to provide personal information.   These calls are bogus and an attempt to collect information for identity theft.    Real traffic tickets are sent only through the U.S. Post Office and never communicated by phone.

Forty-eight (48) vehicles in the last two weeks have been burglarized because they were unlocked.    Lock it or Lose it!

Internet scan to be aware of.   Calls have occurred from people claiming to be a Windows Tech or a Microsoft Tech and offering to fix a problem that the recipient has allegedly reported.  This person directs the recipient to a website and if the recipient accesses that website his/her personal and network data will be downloaded/stolen.    The calls usually originate from locations outside of the U.S.     Be aware of the zipcode of the originating call and make sure it is legitimate.

Guest speaker - Commissioner Frannie Hutchinson

Commissioner Hutchinson made the following comments:

The bridge over the North Causeway has been discussed by the Commission for replacement by a high rise bridge.   However any work probably wouldn't be performed before 2017, if then.

The Board of County Commissioners is searching for a new County Administrator.  Faye Outlaw, the current Administrator, is resigning in May.

The St Lucie County economy is trending up a bit, unemployment is below double digit, and building permits are up.  This rise is consistent with an uptick of the economy throughout Florida.

All Aboard Florida, the high speed rail service planned to move passengers between Orlando and Miami, is projected to add 32 train trips per day through the county, with no stops planned for Indian River, St Lucie or Martin counties.    The county is responsible for improvements to each crossing that would allow it to be designated a "quiet zone".   If the crossing is not a quiet zone the train engineer is obligated to sound the horn several times as the train approaches the crossing.    The choice is more noise or more taxpayer dollars spent due to the All Aboard Florida project.     St Lucie County is seeking funds from the state to assist in making all crossings into quiet zones.

You may have noticed.....Within the last few weeks residents may have noticed a helicopter flying back and forth along the coast, trailing some kind of sensor equipment.    It turns out that the helicopter was privately funded to search for old WWII relics or ordnance that may have been uncovered by recent shifting of the underwater sands.

The U.S. Corp of Engineers has been conducted a Sands Study to determine sites of large deposits of sand offshore that might be dredged and shipped south to replenish the beaches off Miami Beach.   Seven (7) sites have been identified offshore, between Miami-Dade county and Sebastian.   Only 1 offshore site was identified off the coast of St Lucie County.

Guest Speaker - Eric Gill, Media Coordinator for St Lucie County

Mr. Gill showed the county's website,, and showed some of its key features.   Information about all of the County departments and its activities can be accessed from this website, including all of the meetings of the Board of Commissioners and their taped videos.   It's a good way to stay informed.

The 2014 St Lucie County Fair is February 28th - March 9th at the Fairgrounds which are located off Midway Road, approximately 4.5 miles west of I-95.   For more information visit

Finally, your representatives to the North Beach Association were accepted as Directors into the association, along with the Directors for all the Home Owner Associations on North Hutchinson Island.  Your representatives are Peter Bullock and Jeri Bullock.

Annual Meeting

Make a note on your calendar! Tiara’s annual meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 10th. The Annual Meeting is held for the purpose of discussing Association matters and voting on statutory reserves.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all Association Members must be present, in person or by proxy at the meeting, in order for the business to be conducted. Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that either you attend the meeting or mail in your proxy. The proxy form was mailed to you from Elliott Merrill. If you do not have a proxy and need one, please contact Lauri Stevens or Rick Kimes at Elliott Merrill's offices (772-466-2630).

There are three (3) vacancies on the Board and two (2) nominees. Therefore there will not be an Election of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Ed Galvin and Ron Hutchins will be confirmed and will take office at the close of the Annual Meeting. The following members will remain on the Board to serve the last year of their two (2) year term: Doug Chartrand, Bill Dicker, Jim Mikesh, and Ken Tangora.

Later the same day Tiara's Board of Directors will meet to fill a vacancy on the Board and to establish officers for 2013,
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 1pm, on Monday, December 10th. All Association Members are invited to attend the Board of Directors meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board of Director’s meeting will be held to finalize the budget for calendar year 2013.
This meeting will be held in the South Tower Clubroom, at 10am, on Monday, December 3rd.

All Association Members are invited to attend.

October Meet with Manager Scheduled

The informal, monthly meeting with Tiara's association President and our Elliott Merrill manager is scheduled for October 3rd, at 9 - 10 am in the North Tower Clubroom.

You are invited to join Ron Hutchins and Rick Kimes and other interested owners to discuss any items of interest about Tiara Towers.  Bring your praise for plans and accomplishments as well as any concerns you may have.    It's always a lively and interesting meeting.

First “Meet the President” meeting scheduled

The first "Meet the President" meeting of the 2012-2013 season is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th, at 9 - 10 AM in the South Tower Clubroom. These once-a-month meetings are informal, optional, and a good way to communicate with the management team.

Ron ("Hutch") Hutchinson, President of the Tiara Towers HOA Board, and Rick Kimes, Elliott Merrill Manager for Tiara, will be on hand to hear how the summer has gone, what's worked, and what hasn't.

This is a great opportunity to bring any issues, new ideas, and, of course, your praises to the attention of the Board of Directors for Tiara's HomeOwners' Association.