Sightings around Tiara

Manatees at Tiara

May 6, 2012

Posted by Jeri and Pete Bullock,  S 1505

Shortly after noon, we noticed a "dark mass" in the water just outward from where the waves were breaking in front of the South Tower dunes walkway.  Our first thought: another shark.  But on closer examination, it became clear this mass was a manatee slowly swimming northbound.








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Manta Ray?

1 PM, April 2, 2012


70 minutes after we had sighted what appeared to us to be three sharks swimming north about 100' off the Tiara beach, Continue reading

Tiara’s neighbor Robert

.  .  .  or is it  .  .  .  Roberta?


A number of Tiara residents have reported seeing the bobcat affectionately known around here as Bob - who lives in seagrape vegetation at the head of the dunes in front of Tiara.  Continue reading

Dance of the Tugs

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just before 9 AM we noticed what first appeared to be a tug boat proceeding very slowly in a long square pattern outside the Fort Pierce Inlet channel to the north and much closer to shore than the entrance markers to the channel. Continue reading

Barge Rescue

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Around mid day Sunday, we observed an ocean going tug head north from the Fort Pierce Inlet, fairly close to shore, . About 20 minutes later we observed a US Coast Guard cutter likewise heading north, fairly close to shore. Continue reading