Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season in Florida is June 1 - Nov 30th and, though we all hope that no hurricanes will threaten us here at Tiara, we do have to be prepared in case of a weather emergency. If you haven't personally experienced a severe storm you should also visit the photos and stories on the Tiara website under Photo Stories / Hurricanes Hit in 2004. The pictures of the aftermath of the 2004-2005 hurricanes at Tiara are quite interesting.

At Tiara Towers it is mandatory that all hurricane shutters be closed and secured when not in residence during hurricane season.  There will be a fee charged to close open shutters in the event a named storm threatens Tiara.

St Lucie County has published an excellent guide on Hurricane Preparedness. If you are unsure of how to prepare for a hurricane you should take a few minutes and read this guide. It's also been added to the Tiara Website under Support / Maintenance.

Another item that all Florida residents should check out is the way access to the island is controlled after a major emergency. After an emergency, and a major hurricane qualifies as an emergency, St. Lucie County limits access to North Hutchinson Island to those residents who prove that they live on the island.   What you must know is that the "proof" required is a green placard that can be hung on your vehicle's rear-view mirror which is issued by St Lucie County.   Without this placard you will be turned away at the bridges and prevented from getting to Tiara until the emergency conditions are lifted.    Green Placard

The current rules require that the applicant for a "Green Placard" show a Florida Driver's license with a local address plus a recent utility bill or tax bill showing the address of a residence on Hutchinson Island.   The placards are easy to get and take just a minute or two if you bring the required documentation to the deputy at the entrance to the Tax Office at 2300 Virginia Avenue in Ft Pierce.   It's unclear to this author whether  the driver's license must show a Hutchinson Island address or any Florida address.   The following is from the St Lucie County Sheriff's Office website under a topic entitled Disaster Ready.

Barrier Island Re-Entry Program (Sheriff's Office website)

The St Lucie County Disaster Re-Entry Program has been established for residents of our barrier islands to alleviate confusion after an evacuation.  Residents of the barrier island MUST receive a placard to re-enter the island immediately following a disaster.

To receive this placard, each resident must produce two forms of proof that they reside on the barrier island such as a utility bill with a local address along with a local driver’s license.  One placard is issued for each household.

Placards are issued at four locations throughout the county.

 Sheriff’s Office Main Headquarters
4700 West Midway Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
 St. Lucie West Courthouse
250 NW Country Club Dr.
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
St. Lucie County Tax Collector's Office -- Fort Pierce
2300 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
St. Lucie County Tax Collector's Office -- Port St. Lucie
1664 SE Walton Rd.
Port St Lucie, FL 34952

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