Hurricane Sandy – October 2012

High Tide during Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy passed offshore on Thursday and Friday, October 25-26, 2012, sending tropical storm force winds our way, along with pounding waves with wave heights of about 10 feet.     At high tide the breaking waves sent waters all the way to, and even over the deck walkway at the South tower.


Picture courtesy of Pat G(1405 S)




Wind speeds of approximately 35 mph with gusts of 45+ were forecast and after listening to the shutters rattling all night those forecasts were probably spot on.     Wave height at the NOAA buoy just outside of the Fort Pierce Inlet registered a max wave height of 17.1 ft!      A few squalls gave us a little rain over that period but not too much.


Bill N. prudently stacked the loungers in the pool areas and folded and safely stashed the hot tub cover but even so, on Thursday evening one of the loungers wound up half in the hot tub of the South tower.     Other than that this observer noticed no damage or other curious incidents from the storm, except for the copious amounts of leaves that are now in the pool and hot tubs.

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