North Beach Association

The North Beach Association (NBA)  is the association of most of the Home Owners Associations here on North Hutchinson Island in St Lucie County.     The NBA works for all of the homeowners of North Hutchinson Island, bringing us news of local island, county and city happenings, and making our interests known to the county, city, and state officials.

Visit the North Beach Association website for more information.

Any homeowner at Tiara may join and become a Member of the North Beach Association.  The annual dues are $20 per unit.    All Members are invited to several meetings each year and an annual social event put on by the NBA each year.

Each condominium association and neighborhood association may appoint a representative as a Director of the North Beach Association.   Your Tiara NBA Directors attend additional meetings and represent Tiara's interests to the NBA.

Your Tiara NBA Directors are Jeri and Pete Bullock (1505 S).

The NBA publishes an informative newsletter several times a year and these will be published here for everyone to view.      Additionally Jeri and Pete recap the news and happenings at the NBA meetings and these reports can be found on this website under Tiara News.

 North Beach Association Newsletters

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