Track Ships

Have fun identifying vessels off our coast. Track the cruise ships moving offshore. There's a quick view centered on Ft. Pierce followed by a link to the full marine traffic website where you can find and view vessels around the world.

Quick View

If it's a quiet day or a stormy one there may be no traffic in our immediate area. Zoom out or in for a better view or try the Global View below for even more options. For ships displayed on the map, hover over a ship icon and the ship's name, country flag, speed and heading will be displayed. Single click on the ship icon to see a pop-up that provides additional information including ship size, destination, pictures and additional vessel details. Scrolling down in the pop-up offers a link that can turn on the vessel's track from where it sailed.

Global View

For more fun, click here for the full website., you should see our coastal waters and any ships moving through our area.

Tip: If you have a global view presenting, slide the map until the coast of Florida is visible. Then click on one of the green boxes at the approximate place that you'd like to see the ships.